About Norecopa

Norecopa is the Norwegian Consensus Platform for Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal experiments.

Norecopa's mission is to advance the use of "the 3 R's" of Russell & Burch:
  • Replace
  • Reduce
  • Refine
Norecopa involves all the 4 stakeholders interested in animal research and seeks consensus, where possible, between them:
  • Government and regulators
  • Research and teaching
  • Industry
  • Animal welfare organisations
Norecopa was founded on 10th October 2007. It is an independent member organisation with an Annual General Meeting and Board as its highest authorities.

Norecopa awards an annual 3R-prize for excellent research or development within the field of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement of animal research. The prize consists of NOK 30,000 and a diploma.

Norecopa runs three websites, much of the material is in English:
  • www.norecopa.no - this site, with a main menu entitled 3Rs resources for those planning or conducting animal experiments, and information about Norecopa
  • oslovet.norecopa.no - approx. 7,000 webpages with information on laboratory animal science and the 3Rs
  • film.oslovet.norecopa.no - films and slides showing techniques for handling, injecting and taking blood samples from a range of laboratory animal species
Among other activities (see this page for more information):

















Norecopa arranges international consensus meetings on the care and use of animals in research

Norecopa's statutes can be read here.
Norecopa is a full member of ecopa (European Consensus-Platform for Alternatives) which recognises and supports National Consensus Platforms. A review article describing the function of ecopa has been published in Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology.

So far, 11 countries including Norway have established ecopa-approved National Platforms:
Links to all the National Platforms are available on ecopa's website.


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Om Norecopa

Norecopa arbeider for å fremme “de 3 R’ene” i forskningen som kan involvere dyr:

* Replace
* Reduce
* Refine

Norecopa tilstreber konsensus om de tre R’ene mellom alle de fire interessepartene rundt dyreforsøk: