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Norecopa, in collaboration with the Animal Welfare Information Center in Beltsville, USA has produced a database which provides an overview of guidelines, databases, journals, email lists, regulations and policies which may help researchers to implement the 3Rs when planning research that may involve animals. The database is called 3R Guide (www.3RGuide.info).

The aim of 3R Guide is to provide a 'one-stop shop' for researchers who need to gain an overview of available 3R resources.

All resources in 3R Guide are sorted by Type (e.g. database, guidelines), Category (e.g. anaesthesia, blood sampling) and 3R relevance (Replacement, Reduction or Refinement). Searches performed in 3R Guide automatically retrieve hits from our other databases: NORINA (an overview of products that can replace or supplement the use of animals in teaching and training) and TextBase (textbooks and other literature within Laboratory Animal Science).

Here are the Guidelines in 3R Guide:

Agricultural animals

Anaesthesia and analgesia

Aquatic animals

Behavioural research


Blood sampling

Cancer research


Disease research

Education and training

Environmental enrichment

Ethics and harm-benefit analysis



Housing and management

Humane killing

Neuroscience research

Non-human primates

Nutritional research



Surgical research




Miscellaneous guidelines

Similar searches can be made in 3R Guide for Databases, Information Centres, Regulations and Policies, Journals and Email lists within these categories.

3R Guide is an updated and expanded version of a collection of resources published in 2005: The use of databases, information centres and guidelines when planning research that may involve animals. Smith AJ & Allen T (2005): Animal Welfare 14:347-359.

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