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Harmonisation of the Care and Use of Fish in Research, Gardermoen 22 - 24 September 2009

Scientific Programme

Links to pdf files of the abstracts and presentations at this meeting will be added to this page as they become available.
Please note that this may take time in some cases, where copyright or publishing issues need to be addressed first.

Tuesday 22nd September 2009

Experiences from the inspection of fish research facilities in the UK
Kathy Ryder, Home Office Inspectorate, UK
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Research needs within fish welfare - presentation of a report on the status in Norway
Trond Brattelid, NIFES, Norway
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Do we have practical positive and negative welfare indicators for fish that we can use in a research/farm setting?
John Avizienius, RSPCA, UK
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Health monitoring of fish used in research - progress?
Anne Ramstad, VESO Vikan, Norway
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Husbandry and environmental enrichment - what do fish need and has there been much progress?
Gareth Readman, AstraZeneca, UK
Abstract   Presentation (0.7 MB)

Telemetry in fish - update
Øyvind Aas-Hansen, Nofima Marin, Norway
Abstract   Presentation (1.5 MB)

Challenges in fish research: the protectionist's view
Anton Krag, Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance
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Wednesday 23rd September 2009

Update on the EU directive and the CoE convention
Bente Bergersen, Norwegian Food Safety Authority
Abstract   Presentation (2.3 MB)

Global update on guidelines for fish research
Gilly Griffin, Canadian Council on Animal Care
Abstract   Presentation (3.1 MB)

Vaccine testing: can we reduce fish numbers and/or avoid fish use?
Kjetil Fyrand, PHARMAQ AS, Norway
Abstract   Presentation (0.3 MB)

Update on neurophysiological and behavioural research in fish
Øyvind Aas-Hansen, Nofima Marin, Norway
Abstract   Presentation

Guidelines for anaesthesia and analgesia of fish
Gidona Goodman, Edinburgh University, UK
Abstract   Presentation   Guidelines for anaesthesia and analgesia of fish

Proposed revisions to methods of killing fish used in research in the UK
Robert Hubrecht, UFAW, UK
Abstract   Presentation (7 MB)

The challenges of using humane endpoints in fish research
Kathy Ryder, Home Office Inspectorate, UK
Abstract   Presentation (0.4 MB)

An overview of existing guidelines for handling, bleeding and administration techniques
Penny Hawkins, RSPCA, UK
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(0.2 MB)   Fish guidelines

Thursday 24th September 2009

The challenge of arranging accredited courses for fish researchers and technicians
Aurora Brønstad, University of Bergen, Norway
Abstract   Presentation (2.5 MB)

Field work and lab studies: two sets of standards?
Grete Bæverfjord, Nofima Marin, Norway
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The participants at this meeting have also produced a Consensus Statement, which summarises the common ground between all the stakeholder groups (regulators, academia, industry and animal welfarists) and points out strength and opportunities for further implementation of the 3Rs within fish research.

Following the meeting, Norecopa has produced a list of specific tasks which, in the Board's opinion, need to be addressed to further the implementation of the 3Rs in fish research. The list can be accessed here.

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