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Our aim is to have no dead links on Norecopa's own webpages. There will, however, be some dead links on external pages, because we retain links to, for example, past meetings and media articles, many of which are still active. Since we built a brand-new website from scratch in 2016, there may be some some errors, despite our efforts to avoid them. To reduce these to an absolute minimum, we have installed an advanced Broken Links Checker which alerts us to errors, and we are in the process of systematically removing these. Of the approx. 23,000 unique links on this website there are currently less than 4% dead links.

In many cases this error message is genuine, because we update Norecopa's website continually. Where possible, we install automatic redirects from old pages to new ones (or the nearest equivalent). In many cases the error is caused by pages being removed from external websites. This is particularly true of old media articles.

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  • use the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page to send us a message (but remember to add your email addressen if you would like a reply)
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This page was updated on 04 March 2019

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