Chris Noble

Chair of the Board
Representative for research and teaching

Chris Noble took his Bachelor Degree in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool, before undertaking a PhD in farmed Atlantic salmon feeding management at the University of Glasgow, UK.  He has nearly 20 years’ experience in Post-Doctoral aquaculture research, including Post-Doctoral positions at the University of Glasgow, UK and at the Teikyo University of Science and Technology in Japan. From 2007 he has worked at Nofima’s head office in Tromsø, Norway, firstly as a Research Scientist and then as a Senior Scientist from 2011. He has a wide range of applied and academic interests with a particular focus on fish welfare and taught courses on fish welfare at the University of Tromsø since 2015.

His welfare work is particularly focused on developing and implementing Operational Welfare Indicators (OWIs) for salmon and other aquaculture animal species. Another field of interest is in developing and testing fit-for-purpose environmental enrichment for both laboratory and field settings. He is also very interested in the opportunities that digitalisation can offer in terms of monitoring fish welfare in both the lab and out on the farm.

He is particularly interested in scientific quality, and the reduction and refinement goals of the 3Rs. A potential 4th R, Relevance, to make sure the results from applied experiments and procedures are representative and transferable to field or farming conditions, is also of interest.

Chris Noble led the Enrich-Fish project on environmental enrichment of salmon in laboratory studies, in which Norecopa participated. He is also a partner in a Research Council project entitled Frameworks for classifying the welfare of farmed Atlantic salmon based upon the principles of severity assessment led by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (Havforskningsinstituttet), running from 2021-2025.

Chair of the Board
This page was updated on 05 July 2023

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