Programme Scand-LAS Symposium,
Hafjell, April 15th -19th 1998

The scientific programme will start on Thursday April 16 at 08.15 and the Scandinavian programme at 17.30. The workshops will be open to all registered participants. The topics of the workshops are specified on the registration form. The number of participants in each workshop is limited. Each workshop should be booked on the registration form.

Thursday, morning session:
The president's opening
Michael Festing: The concept of "extrapolation" from animals to humans and the philosophy of Karl Popper.
Eystein Glattre: The three R's and the idea of a scientific revolution.
Jann Hau: Animal models in biomedical research.

Thursday, afternoon session:
Rolf Nordmo: Aquatic animals as models.
Paul Brain: Rodents as models for human neuroses and psychoses.
Terje Sagvolden: The spontaneous hypertensive rat - model for the human Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder.
Amy Johnston: Science, ethics and use of animals.
Round table discussion on homology - extrapolation and reification: Paul Brain, Michael Festing, Amy Johnston, Eyvind Glattre and Terje Sagvolden. Moderator: Dag Marcus Eide.
Dinner - get to know people

Friday, morning session:
Lew Kinter & David Johnson: Optimizing methods of sampling.
Dai Davies: Preanalytical and analytical variation in animal clinical pathology. How to handle your samples.
Michael Festing: Factorial experimental design as a means of improving animal experiments. How to get more information out of your data.
Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga: Comparative pathology. Can we extrapolate from rabbits to humans?

Friday, afternoon session:
Exhibitions, posters.
Amy Johnston: The making of memory. From molecule to mind.
Paul Brain: Social conflict in laboratory rodents as a cause of pain and distress.
Kristina Dahlborn: Environmental factors as hidden variables.
Nancy Fetrow & David Johnson: Environmental control for mice and men.
Workshop: theme 1

Saturday, morning session:
Kathryn Bayne & David Johnson: AAALAC International accreditation: Quality Assurance through peer evaluation.
Michael Festing: Recent developments in genetic analysis of complex traits.
Bjarne Bogen: Transgenic animals: tailor-made models.
Workshop: theme 2

Saturday, afternoon session:
Workshop: theme 2
Helga Høgåsen: Biorhythms: unavoidable variables?
Richard Fosse & Adrian Smith: Anaesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia. What's new?
Scand-LAS annual meeting
Exhibitors presentations
Symposium dinner

Sunday, morning session:
Dag Marcus Eide: Summing up: Standardization at all costs?
Hanne-Marja Voipio: Sound: From noise to communication.
Presentation of workshops.

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