The Microbiology Laboratories (Scandinavia)

The Microbiology Laboratories (Scandinavia), under the direction of Jeffrey Needham, was set up in 1994. It was formed as the result of collaboration between The Microbiology Laboratories based in London and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, Laboratory Animal Unit.

The unit is housed in self-contained accommodation at the School and has facilities for the detailed necropsy of laboratory animals. Jeffrey Needham makes frequent visits to Scandinavia and is available in Norway to discuss problems of laboratory animal health, to make site visits and inspections and to organise health monitoring programmes for both breeding units and experimental facilities. Work can be undertaken on both small and large animals.

The design of health monitoring screening programmes is based on the FELASA guidelines for breeding colonies, but each programme is specifically designed for the needs of the individual unit. Typically the programmes involve examinations at 3 monthly intervals. These examinations involve differing depths of investigation at annual and intermediate levels. In addition to routine monitoring, a service of trouble shooting is offered when, for example, experimental results appear to be erroneous. Examinations of animals can, if requested, be undertaken on site at the individual institutions.

The Microbiology Laboratories, in conjunction with the Laboratory Animal Unit at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, have produced a video film entitled Necropsy Procedures For Small Laboratory Animals. This video demonstrates the procedures necessary to perform a FELASA-style necropsy of small laboratory animals. So far (February 2005) over 50 copies have been sold in 15 countries. Please contact The Microbiology Laboratories (see below) for more information, or to order a copy.

The Microbiology Laboratories in London have been operating for over 15 years and are now working with many facilities in mainland Europe, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia and Finland.

Please feel free to contact the laboratories at one of the following addresses:

The Microbiology Laboratories (Scandinavia)
Laboratory Animal Unit
Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
P.O. Box 8146 Dep.,
N-0033 Oslo

Telephone: +47 22 96 47 53
Telefax: +47 22 96 45 35

The Microbiology Laboratories
56, Northumberland Road,
North Harrow

Telephone: +44 181 868 4050
Telefax: +44 181 866 6100