Rabbit pathology

The pictures in this collection were kindly provided by:

Dr. Gerhard Schaller, Norwegian Veterinary Institute
Dr. Annelise Hem, Laboratory Animal Unit, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Department of Pathology, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science

1. Cachexia and overgrown incisors

2. Overgrown incisors

3. Overgrown molar teeth

4. Intestinal coccidiosis

5. Nosematosis, kidney

6. Nosematosis, brain

7. Head of a rabbit with myxomatosis

8. Distension of the stomach due to a hairball

9. Passalarus ambiguus worms in the caecum

10. Coccidiosis: liver, with Eimeria stiedae in the bile ducts

11. Cheyletiella parasitivorax fur mites

12. Human arm with bites from Cheyletiella mites

13. Listrophorus gibbus fur mites

14. Foot sores

15. Calcification of the aorta, myocardial fibrosis

16. Uterine infection

17. Pasteurellosis, lungs

18. Nosematosis: chronic interstitial nephritis

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