The Care and Use of Amphibians, Reptiles and Fish in Research

By Schaeffer, D.O.; Kleinow, K.M. & Krulisch, L.

This book discusses the care and use of fish, amphibians and reptiles in research.   These species are used as important research models in many different biomedical disciplines.   Little has been written about their humane and responsible care in a research environment.   This book also discusses anaesthesia, analgesia, euthanasia, handling, husbandry, nutrition, behaviour, disease, field research and medicine for the different species of fish.   Table of Contents: Scientists Center for Animal Welfare; Acknowledgments; Faculty; Introduction; Regulations and Guidelines: Regulations and Guidelines - The National Institutes of Health; Setting Guidelines for the Care of Reptiles, Amphibians and Fishes; The Canadian Council on Animal Care; Overview; Amphibians: Housing, Handling, and Nutrition of Salamanders; Managing a Bullfrog Research Colony; Medicine and Diseases of Amphibians; Anesthesia, Analgesia and Euthanasia in Reptiles and Amphibians; Field Research Panel; Reptiles: Housing, Handling and Nutrition of Crocodilians; Captive Care and Handling of Snakes; Cage Design and Configuration for Arboreal Reptiles; The Saurian Psyche Revisited: Lizards in Research; Husbandry, Handling and Nutrition of Turtles; Medicine and Diseases of Reptiles; Evaluating Pain and Stress in Reptiles; Field Research Panel; Summary; Fish in Research and Aquaculture: Introduction; Stress Management in Aquaculture; Disease Prevention; Drug Development for Aquaculture Applications; Handling and Euthanasia in Production Facilities; Housing and Handling; Housing and Handling; Fish Nutrition; Research and Clinical Procedures; Experimental Procedures for Fish: General Considerations; Circadian Rhythms in Fishes and Their Implications for Research; Anesthesia, Analgesia and Euthanasia in Fish; Field Research: Monitoring and Evaluating Visual Census to Monitor and Assess Fish Life History and Assemblages; Animal Welfare Considerations in Field and Laboratory Investigations of Energetic Strategies of Tropical Reef Fishes; Medical Procedures Used During the Capture and Transport of Fish; Question and Answer Session; Resource List.

Comments & References: Proceedings from a SCAW/LSU-SVM-sponsored conference, April 8-9, 1991 in New Orleans, LA.   204 pages.   A review of this book is available in Laboratory Animals, Volume 32 (2), April 1998.  This book can be ordered online from SCAW,

Price: US$55.00 + US$15.00 (posting and packing for orders outside the USA)

ISBN: 9993530840 (Paperback)

Year: 1992
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