Contract between __ (animal facility) and __ (research group)


This contract describes the division of labour and responsibilities between the two parties, with the aim of clarifying all stages of the experiment and ensuring that all necessary parameters are recorded.


Animal facility


Not applicable



Arrival date




Strain/stock and substrain


Supplier (full name and address) or bred on the premises


Number and sex


Age, weight, stage of life cycle on arrival


Pre-treatment (surgical or medical) from supplier


Quality (e.g. SPF, germ-free, gnotobiotic, conventional)


Acclimation time before the start of the experiment


Time and duration of fasting (with/without water and bedding)



General description


Temperature (mean ± variation)


Light schedule


Relative humidity (mean ± variation)


Number of air changes in the animal room/cabinet per hour


Environmental enrichment (specify)



Type (e.g. free-range, shelf, cabinet, isolator, single/group, barrier/conventional)


Cage/tank type and size


Number and method of distribution of animals per cage/tank


Frequency of cage/tank cleaning or change



Manufacturer (full name and address)


Type (breeding, growth, maintenance diet)


Batch number and expiry date


Sterility (radiation, heat treatment, UV light)


Consistency (pellets, expanded, powder, mash)


Administration (ad libitum, rationed)



Manufacturer (full name and address)


Type (e.g. shavings, paper, absorbable mat)


Batch number


Sterility (radiation/heat treatment)


Type (pellets, chips, shavings, matting)


Water source:

Tap water, other source


Quality (e.g. purification, addition of Vitamin C or hydrochloric acid, heat treatment)


Ad libitum, rationed



Capture and immobilisation methods, timespan


Identification and marking methods


Test substance (manufacturer, technical description, amount, method and time of administration)


Sedatives, anaesthetics and analgesics (manufacturer, technical description, dose, method and time of administration)


Clinical health assessment

Signs of pain


Activity level, alertness


Coat, skin


Degree of hydration


Respiration rate


The actual severity category experienced by the animal


Permitted treatments if an animal becomes ill or injured


Humane killing / release / re-homing:


Date and time




Method of drug administration




External observations




Description of histological and other analytical techniques



New SOPs (see page 24) or additions to the facility's Master Plan and Contingency Plan may have to be considered.

This page was updated on 01 January 2021

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