The Physiology of Fishes

By Edited by Evans, David H. & Claiborne, James B.

The Physiology of Fishes (3rd Edit)

This book adds a section on New Technologies, with chapters on mutagenesis, functional genomics, and cell culture and stem cells.   It includes sixteen new full colour plates to go with the book's 150 illustrations and offers state-of-the-art ecological and molecular approaches.   This edition is a general reference on all major areas of research in fish physiology.   Table of Contents: 1 Locomotion and Energetics: Locomotion; Feeding and Nutrition; 2 Gas Exchange and Transport: Aquatic and Aerial Respiration; The Cardiovascular System; Gas Transport; 3 Homeostasis and Reproduction: Ion Transport, Osmoregulation and Acid-Base Bala; Temperature; Endocrinology; Stress; Reproduction; 4 Neurophysiology: Hearing and Mechanoreception; Electroreception and Electrogenesis; Chemoreception; 5 New Technologies: Mutagenesis: Insights from I-Transgenic Medaka; Functional Genomics: Insights into Physiological Complexity; Cell Culture and Stem Cells.

Comments & References: Third Edition. 616 pages. Suitable for advanced students, marine and fisheries biologists, ichthyologists, and comparative physiologists looking to differentiate between the physiological strategies unique to fishes, and those shared with other organisms.  This book is Volume 6 in the Marine Biology Series. Please see record number 8520 for the Fourth Edition of this book.


ISBN-13: 978-0-8493-2022-4; ISBN-10: 0-8493-2022-4

Year: 2005
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