Dette er sidene fra Scand-LAS symposiet som ble arrangert i Norge i 1998. Websidene for det neste symposiet i Norge, på Gardemoen i april 2002, kan leses her.

These are the web pages for the Scand-LAS symposium that was held near Lillehammer in 1998. The web pages for the next symposium to be arranged in Norway, which will be at Gardemoen Airport near Oslo in April 2002, can be accessed here.

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Scand-LAS Norge inviterer til et opplevelsesrikt symposium på:

Quality Hafjell Hotell, 15. - 19. april 1998


Kjære kollegaer!

Scand-LAS Norge og Norsk Dyreteknikerforening har gleden av å invitere til det 28. Scand-LAS symposiet, 15-19 april 1998. Vi ønsker å sette KVALITET I FOKUS og vårt mål er å arrangere et symposium med høy faglig og teknisk standard. Programmet omfatter faglige seminarer over ulike temaer, gruppearbeid, poster presentasjon og sist men ikke minst, sosialt samvær. Vi har valgt konferansehotell med omhu. Quality Hafjell Hotel ligger i naturskjønne omgivelser i Gudbrandsdalen 17 kilometer nord for Lillehammer. Hotellet hadde flere prestisjetunge oppdrag under de Olympiske Vinterlekene i 1994 og den serviceinnstilte betjeningen tilbyr moderne lokaler i hyggelige omgivelser. Vi håper værgudene er med oss og har i programmet åpnet for mulighetene til å benytte de mange friluftsaktivitetene som tilbys.

Vi gleder oss til å treffe dere på Quality Hafjell Hotel i april 1998!

Prof. Jann Hau
(Scand-LAS president)

Jenny-Ann Hardie
(Scand-LAS Norway)

Ingvill Løken

Programmet består av skandinavisk-språklige og engelsk-språklige deler.

Programmet for den skandinavisk-språklige del kan leses her.

Den engelsk-språklige delen av programmet kan leses her.

Klikk her for påmeldingsskjemaet.

Quality Hafjell Hotell ligger litt nord for Lillehammer - vertsby for vinter OL 1994. Dette profesjonelle kurs- og konferansesenteret kan foruten hyggelig betjening og god atmosfære by deltakerne på rike naturopplevelser i storslått norsk natur.

Dersom værgudene er med oss, er det mulig å prøve ski- eller akebakkene i OL-anleggene i nærheten av hotellet.

Scand-LAS Norway is hosting an eventful symposium at Quality Hafjell Hotel, 15th - 19th April 1998

Dear Colleagues,

Scand-LAS Norge and Norsk Dyretekniker Forening (NDTF) are privileged to host the 28th Scand-LAS symposium in
Lillehammer, Norway, April 15-19 1998. The theme for the symposium is "QUEST FOR QUALITY" and our goal is to ensure that all the issues on the scientific programme meet high professional and technical standards. The programme will include invited lectures, several scientific seminars on various topics, workshops, poster presentations and, of course, social events. All this will give the participants ample opportunity to get an overview of the latest research results and their applications and offer a fruitful opportunity to exchange ideas for discussions and consultations.

The symposium venue, Quality Hafjell Hotel, is located 17 kilometres north of Lillehammer in one of Norway's beautiful valleys, Gudbrandsdalen. The hotel had several important assignments during the 1994 Winter Olympics and offers modern facilities and excellent service in an enjoyable atmosphere. The valley is surrounded by mountains which gives plenty of opportunities to experience the magnificent Norwegian nature. We hope you will take the opportunity to try typical Norwegian winter activities such as skiing or sledging in the Olympic slopes nearby. We are looking forward to seeing you at Quality Hafjell Hotel, 15- 19 April 1998.

Prof. Jann Hau
(Scand-LAS president)

Jenny-Ann Hardie
(Scand-LAS Norway)

Ingvill Løken

Quality Hafjell Hotel is located a little north of Lillehammer - the host city of the 1994 Winter Olympics. The hotel is a professional conference center with service-minded staff, good atmosphere and possibilities for rich experiences in magnificent Norwegian nature.


The official languages are English for the Scientific Programme and Scandinavian for the Parallel Session Programme.

The programme for the English-language part can be seen here.

The Scandinavian language part of the programme can be read here.

Click here for the registration form.


Several airlines have direct flights to Oslo Airport, Fornebu.

1. Symposium bus: Airport-bus to Oslo city (approx. NOK 40). For your convenience, bus transportation directly from Oslo Central Station to Quality Hafjell Hotel will be arranged (NOK 150). Departure at 14.30, Wednesday 15 April and Thursday 16 april .

2. Public Transportation: Airport-bus to Oslo city (approx. NOK 40). Train to Hafjell (approx. NOK 250). Departure from Oslo Central Station at 10.35, 17.00 and 19.05; approximately 3 hours travelling time. Taxi from the station to the hotel .


3. By car: The major car rental companies have counters at Fornebu airport. Follow signs to "Trondheim": the E18 to Oslo city centre and continue on the E6 to Hafjell. The traffic drives on the right.


Quality Hafjell Hotel is a first class hotel. All rooms are equipped with bath/shower, TV, radio and telephone. Rooms at the hotel will be reserved on a "first come first served" basis. When the hotel is fully booked, rooms at an adjacent hotel of equal standard will be reserved. Breakfast and access to swimming pool and other hotel facilities are included in the room rates. However, other hotel charges such as mini-bar, telephone, snacks, food and drink except that provided specifically by the symposium are not included in the given prices. It is the responsibility of the individual participant to pay the hotel expenses directly to the hotel on departure.

The rooms are available from 15.00. Participants registered on the scientific programme can arrive at any time on Wednesday (April 15 1998) and participants registered for the Scandinavian programme can arrive at any time on Thursday (April 16 1998). Participants who want to arrive before or extend their stay must make separate arrangements with the hotel.

Alternatively, a limited number of cabins of high standard are available. The cabins are in walking distance from the symposium hotel (approx. 800 metres). All cabins are equipped with bathroom and kitchen. Breakfast, bed linen and towels are not included in the price. Breakfast at Quality Hafjell Hotel, NOK 75. Bed linen + 2 towels can be rented, NOK 70 per person.

Type of accommodation & Rates per night

Room at Quality Hafjell Hote l Single room : NOK 675
(breakfast included ) Double room: NOK 525

Cabin w/ 4 beds
(1 bedroom, 1 bathroom ) Per cabin: NOK 500

Cabin w/ 6 beds
(2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom) Per cabin: NOK 600

Cabin w/ 8 beds
(3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) Per cabin: NOK 800

The cabins can be registered to one person only.

If the weather permits, leisure activities, such as skiing and sledging in the Olympic slopes nearby, will be possible.


A commercial exhibition will be arranged as an integral part of the symposium. Exhibitors of laboratory animal equipment, products, scientific instruments, services and literature are particularly encouraged to participate.

For further information, please contact: Lena Kjempengren ( or Espen Engh (


A number of speakers recognized as leaders in their field have been invited from around the world. The following speakers (in alphabetical order) have confirmed their participation:

Prof. Bjarne Bogen, National Hospital, Oslo, Norway
Prof. Paul Brain, School of Biological Sciences, Great Britain
Dr. Kristina Dahlborn, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden
Dr. Dai Davies, ZENECA Pharmaceuticals, Great Britain.
Dr. Dag Marcus Eide, National Institute of Public Health, Oslo, Norway
Dr. Michael Festing, University of Leicester, Great Britain
Nancy Fetrow, B.S. LatG., Nycomed Inc. Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Richard Fosse, University of Bergen, Norway
Prof. Tore Framstad, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway
Prof. Eystein Glattre, The Cancer Registry of Norway, Oslo
Prof. Jann Hau, Biomedical Center, Uppsala, Sweden
Dr. Helga Høgåsen, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway
Dr. David Johnsson, D.V.M., Nycomed Inc. Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Amy Johnston, Brain and Behaviour Research Group, Department of Biology, Open University, U.K.
Dr. Lewis B. Kinter, Ph.D., Nycomed Inc. Pennsylvania, USA
Prof. Robert Murison, Biological and Medical Psychology, Bergen, Norway
Dr. Rolf Nordmo, Vikan AkvaVet, Alhusstrand, Norway
Prof. Merel Ritskes-Hoitinga, Odense University, Denmark
Prof. Terje Sagvolden, University of Oslo, Norway
Prof. Adrian Smith, Norwegian College of Veterinary Medicine, Oslo, Norway
Dr. Hanna-Marja Voipio, University of Oulu, Finland


Participants should register for the symposium in advance by mailing the registration form to the secretary preferably by February 1 1998.

 Registration fee  Until February 1 1998  Until March 5 1998
 Scand-LAS and NDTF members: Scientific program  NOK 3550  NOK 4050
 Scand-LAS and NDTF members: Scandinavian program  NOK 3100  NOK 3600
Non-members of Scand-LAS or NDTF,
Scientific program
 NOK 3850  NOK 4350
Non-members of Scand-LAS or NDTF,
Scandinavian program
 NOK 3400  NOK 3900
 Accompanying persons  NOK 2500  NOK 3000

The participant's registration fee includes:

* admission to the Scientific Program and the Parallel Sessions
* admission to the exhibition area

* the symposium material

* coffee, lunch and dinner
* the Get-together Party

* the Symposium Banquet

The accompanying person's fee includes:

* admission to exhibition area

* coffee, lunch and dinner

* the Get-together Party

* the Symposium Banquet


Please note, there will be no registration after March 6.


All payments should be made in Norwegian kroner (NOK) in advance by bank transfer to the Symposium -98 account:

Bank: Postbanken Account no: 0805 23 42806

Please mark "SYMPOSIUM-98" and the participant's name on the remittance, and attach a copy of the receipt to the registration form.


A letter of confirmation with detailed information regarding departure of the symposium bus and accommodation will be sent to the participants as soon as payment is registered.

All cancellations should be made in writing to the secretary. A refund will be paid on the following terms if the notice of cancellation is received

* by February 1 1998 : 75 %
* between February 1 and March 5 1998 : 50 %
* after March 5 1998 : no refund


Abstracts of posters related to the topics of the programme are invited and will be printed in the final symposium abstract book. The abstracts should reach the organizing committee by February 20 1998. Please send abstracts to Dr. Espen Engh, see full address on page 10. Please use the following instructions for completing the abstract:


Q. Est, F. Or, Q. U. Ality.
Department of Valid research, Refinement University, Labtown, Gloryland

The abstracts must be written in English. This is an example which must be followed with regard to layout, typescript, references etc. Please use Times New Roman or similar with 10-12 pitch or point size 12 on laser printers. Type the title, author(s) and affiliations(s) following this example. Type the bulk of the text single-spaced; do not indent or print boldface. If you justify the right margin, please check the hyphenation. If references are essential, they must be placed in the text, showing the first author, the year of publication, the journal, the volume and the first page. Abbreviations should be used sparingly, and they should be explained when they first appear.

The authors will be notified of acceptance by March 6 1998. The organizers reserve the right to reject submissions based on quality or capacity. Detailed information regarding poster size and lay- out will be given after acceptance of the abstract. A prize will be awarded for the best poster.



The Get-together Party will be held on Thursday 16 at 19.00 at Quality Hafjell Hotel. Informal, free of charge.


The Symposium Banquet will be held on Saturday 18 April at 20.00 at Quality Hafjell Hotel. This is open to all participants, accompanying persons and exhibitors. Formal, free of charge.



A swimming pool, sauna and solarium are available at the Quality Hafjell Hotel.

Skiing and sledging in the Olympic slopes nearby is possible. Equipment for cross-country skiing, slalom and snowboard (skis, boots, helmets) can be rented on site. Instructions by a trained teacher available at your own expense for individuals and groups. Lift passes can be purchased at the hotel reception. Swatch-access to the ski lift.

A trip to Hunderfossen Troll Park will be arranged, at your own expense. An unique experience of nature in Ivo Caprino's Fairy Tale Grotto and Troll Hall. Registration on site.



Oslo: April is springtime and the temperature can vary from 15 °C to a few degrees below freezing point.

Lillehammer: It will still be winter in Lillehammer, with temperatures down to -10°C. Normally it is a few degrees below freezing point.

Banks and Currency Exchange:

The local currency is Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Travellers cheques can be exchanged at banks, post offices and hotels.

Banks are open from 8.15 to 16.00 Monday to Thursday and 8.15 to 15.00 on Friday. Banks are not open on Saturdays and Sundays.

The post office is open from 9.00 to 16.30 Monday to Friday and from 9.00 to 14.00 on Saturdays. The post office is closed on Sundays.


There is a minor shopping area nearby the hotel with a post office, pharmacy and a few shops. There are plenty of shops and shopping centres in Lillehammer. All major credit cards are widely accepted throughout Norway.


220 volts. You are advised to check that you have appropriate plugs or adapters for electrical equipment with you.


There are no particular health problems and medical standards are high. Visitors from Europe should check if a medical treatment agreement between their country and Norway exists. Other visitors' medical or hospital fees are not covered by the Norwegian Health Scheme. Adequate health insurance cover is recommended.


General information:

Jenny-Ann Hardie
Nycomed Amersham
P.O Box 4220 Torshov
0401 Oslo,
Tel: (+ 47) 23 18 50 50
Fax: (+ 47) 23 18 60 00


Scand-LAS Symposium 1998
Attn: Kari Løken
Lab. Animal Services
National Institute of Public Health
P.O. Box 4404 Torshov,
N-0403 Oslo, NORWAY
Tel: (+ 47) 22 04 22 72
Fax: (+ 47) 22 04 25 21


Lena Kjempengren
The National Radium Hospital
Animal Dept.
N-0310 Oslo, NORWAY
Tel : (+ 47) 22 93 56 45
Fax: (+ 47) 22 93 56 44

Abstracts/posters & Exhibition:

Dr. Espen Engh
Department group of Basic Medical Sciences
University of Oslo
P.O Box 1110 Blindern
N-0317 Oslo, NORWAY
Tel: (+ 47) 22 85 13 03
Fax: (+ 47) 22 85 10 11


Quality Hafjell Hotel
Hotel P.O. Box 77
N-2636 Øyer
Tel : (+ 47) 61 27 77 77
Fax: (+ 47) 61 27 77 80


Hafjell Booking
N-2636 Øyer
Tel: (+ 47) 61 27 74 00
Fax: (+ 47) 61 27 79 72

Tourist information:

Lillehammer Tourist Information Office
P.O. Box 44
N-2600 Lillehammer
Tel: (+ 47) 61 25 92 99
Fax: (+ 47) 61 26 96 55

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