Multimedia Room / Training Clinic

The work of establishing a national reference centre for laboratory animal science and alternatives began at the Laboratory Animal Unit of the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science, now part of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences.

The Veterinary School had for many years collected information on alternatives and supplements to the use of animals in teaching in the NORINA database, which Norecopa took over in 2011. In February 2008 the School arranged an exhibition with a large range of relevant products, in collaboration with InterNICHE, which loans alternatives free of charge to schools and universities for trial use. The response from this exhibition was so positive that the School decided to equip a Multimedia Room/Training Clinic. On 10 March 2009 the Room was officially opened. Generous financial support was received. Thanks to sponsorship from the following legacies and organisations, the School able to purchase training models, interactive computer simulations within physiology and pharmacology, CD-ROMs, DVDs and other material: 

The Multimedia Room/Training Clinic was divided into two parts and changed location in August 2012. The Department of Companion Animal Clinical Sciences took over the responsibility for the models and other training equipment. For more information about the Training Clinic, please contact Anette Bjerke.

The other part of the original room, the multimedia collection, was relocated to the Library at the Veterinary School. That includes computer programs, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs, covering topics within anatomy, physiology and pharmacology. In addition, the Library took over 3 computers from the room.

The purpose of the division, was to increase the availability of the products for the students and teachers.

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