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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an enormous increase in the number of webinars and online meetings. Many of these were recorded and can be accessed here.

A complete list of links to past webinars and meetings can be accessed here (Many of these links will eventually die out, but they still give a useful overview of organisers and locations of relevant webinars and meetings within laboratory animal science, and it is often possible to contact the organisers for more information).

Do you know of a meeting that should be on this Calendar? Please let us know!

Resources related to the COVID-19 pandemic
Toxicology meetings calendar
Home Office L/E1, PIL AB and PIL C Live Webinars, Pre-recorded Webinars, Face-to-face and Online Courses arranged by The Learning Curve
Webinars on demand from FELASA
Webinars on demand from Charles River
Webinars on demand from Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs
Webinars on demand from AALAS
Recorded webinars on behavioural research from Noldus
Webinars about research integrity from UKRIO (special section on animal research ethics)  

GV-SOLAS meetings calendar
IAT events calendar
LAVA meetings and events
NC3Rs events calendar
ECLAM events calendar

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Welfare and Reproducibility in Research Studies with Zebrafish, Exeter, 9-11 April 2024

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