The Design of Animal Experiments: Reducing the use of animals in research through better experimental design, Second Edition

By Michael Festing, Philip Overend, Mario Cortina Borja & Manuel Berdoy (Eds.)


This Handbook is intended for all research scientists who use laboratory animals, with the aim of helping them to design their own experiments more effectively and/or to improve their ability to communicate with professional statisticians when necessary. It covers all randomised controlled experimental designs likely to be needed in laboratory animal research, with worked examples showing how they can be statistically analysed. It suggests the more widespread use of randomised block designs and shows how both males and females can be included in an experiment without the need to increase the total number of animals by using factorial designs. It also includes guidance on the choice of experimental animals.

The book covers the learning outcomes of Module 10 and part (ii) of Module 11 of education and training under Directive 2010/63/EU. Where there is no alternative to the use of animals in biomedical research, it is important that experiments are well designed and correctly analysed in order to minimise pain and maximise the chance of getting scientifically valid results. Experiments that use too few animals may fail to pick up biologically important effects, while those who use them incorrectly or wastefully may get invalid results while subjecting the animals to unnecessary pain, distress or lasting harm.

For the Table of Contents, please click here.

Second Edition. 144 pages. Paperback.

ISBN: 978-1-4739-7463-0

A free online version of this book is available here upon registration of an email address. A paperback version may also be purchased here, for £15.99.

Part of the Laboratory Animal Handbooks series. The other two handbooks in the series cover Health & Safety in Laboratory Animal Facilities and Parasites of Laboratory Animals.

Published in Association with Laboratory Animals Limited.

There are links to many more resources about the design of animal experiments under the various sections of the PREPARE guidelines.

Year: 2016

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
This page was updated on 19 July 2023

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