This page contains endorsements of Norecopa's work from international collaborators.
Endorsements of the PREPARE guidelines are available on a separate page.
A large number of letters of support (over 40 from 10 countries) were received when the Standing Committee for Business & Industry invited comments upon a private motion proposed by the MDG Party in November 2023 to establish a centre for alternatives to animal experiments. The comments are available under "Skriftlige innspill" (some in English and others in Scandinavian languages).


The Danish 3R-Center:

Since the establishment of the Danish 3R-Center, Norecopa has been a valuable partner in the international effort to strengthen the focus on and the development of 3R initiatives. Norecopa has constantly been active in all international fora, supporting cooperation, dissemination of 3R information and education of laboratory animal users.

Norecopa has developed a very impressive and comprehensive webpage, where access to numerous databases, and 3R-product can be found. Especially access to databases concerning alternatives in educations can be mentioned. Furthermore the development of the “Prepare guide” is an enormous improvement and a valuable tool in preparing any research program, so all the 3R´s are implemented from the beginning of the project.

The cooperation with, and the products developed by Norecopa have been a central part of the international 3R work. It is important that Norecopa continues to fill this role in the future, and hopefully with even more power and impact.  

Tom Bengtsen
Secretariat Manager | The Danish 3R-Centre

Animals in Science Department, Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), United Kingdom:

A letter of support (2022) can be downloaded here.

This page was updated on 18 January 2024

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