Statistics on the use of animals in research

Until mid-2015, animal research in Norway was controlled by the Norwegian Animal Research Authority, NARA (Forsøksdyrutvalget, FDU), a section under the the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet). NARA published annual reports up to and including a report for 2013, which until recently were available on This webpage has been removed and at present there are few statistics available on the new Animal Research section of the Food Safety Authority's website. Norecopa has constructed a collection of annual reports from NARA (written in Norwegian only), see below. The figures for 2014 and 2015 are part of the Food Safety Authority's main report.

In 2021 the EU Commission launched their ALURES Statistical EU Database, with statistics for the use of animals in research and testing in the EU and (from 2018) Norway. ALURES currently allows searches at the EU level, but from 2023 it will be possible to search through national figures as well.
In addition, the Commission has now launched the first version of its ALURES NTS Database, with Non-technical Project Summaries of approved projects for animal research and testing.

Written reports from the EU are available here (the report for the latest year, 2019, can be read here). Collections of reports from the individual member states are available here.
Narratives and statistics for 2019 from the individual EU member states (including, for the last time, date from the United Kingdom), are available here.

Last ned den norske grafikken

(NB. the figure for fish for 2019 is incorrect in the Authority's graph above - the number was adjusted from 4 million to just under 1.2 million)

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority's own database of summaries of approved applications for animal research and testing is available here.

Norway's statistics:




For the first time, Norwegian statistics (for 2018) were included in the EU Commission's Report which was published in July 2021. This is a result of Norway's transposition of the EU Directive 2010/63. More information is available here.



2015 (page 93 in the annual report from the Food Safety Authority for 2016; see also their rapport for 2015)

2014 (no figures available according to page 40 in the annual report from the Food Safety Authority, but some figures are available in their report for 2016, page 93)


2012 (preliminary statistics only, no report written)












2000 (statistics only)

1999 (statistics only)

1998 (statistics only)

1997 (statistics only)

1996 (statistics only)

1995 (statistics only)

For comparison, figures from:

Summaries of animal experiments approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority (Mattilsynet).

Figuring it out: questions of comparison, culture and care in animal use statistics

A Summary of EU National Statistical Reports of Animal Experiments in 2014-2016 (Letter to the ALTEX journal, 36(2), 2019)

New European Statistics on Laboratory Animal Use - What Really Counts! (Busquet et al., 2020), an opinion piece on the EU statistics released in February 2020 for 2015-2017).

An Estimate of the Number of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes Worldwide in 2015 (Taylor & Alvarez, 2020)

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