Nordic Hosts

12 Nordic 3R Centres had the pleasure of inviting interested parties to find out more about 3R activities in the Nordic countries, with a series of short presentations on 5-6 May 2021.
All times were in CEST (Oslo/Copenhagen/Stockholm; GMT+2). All presentations were 20 minutes + 5 minutes Q&A.

The organisers are very grateful to Rafael Frías at the Unit for LAS Education and Training, Comparative Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, for technical assistance. The webinars were held live, using Zoom. They were recorded and were made available to registered users.

Attendance certificates were issued. Any queries about these can be sent to this address.


Wednesday 5 May 2021:

1130 - 1140: Welcome, introduction
1140 - 1205: Refinement of animal models of pain. Klas Abelson, University of Copenhagen (pdf)
1205 - 1230: Examples of refinement in animal experiments: the case of levodopa-induced dyskinesia. Sini Koski (Outi Salminen's research group), University of Helsinki (pdf)
1230 - 1255: Novel human cell-based models to study neurodegeneration. Šárka Lehtonen, University of Eastern Finland (pdf)
1255 - 1320: Using DNA technology to monitor the movement of wildlife without invasive tracking and tagging systems. Øystein Flagstad, NINA (pdf)

Thursday 6 May 2021:

1130 - 1140: Welcome, introduction
1140 - 1205: Reducing group size in studies by consideration of the gut microbiota. Axel Kornerup Hansen, University of Copenhagen (pdf)
1205 - 1230: FishENDS-Dig: IT-assisted refinement of fish welfare assessment and humane endpoints. Aurora Brønstad, University of Bergen (pdf)
1230 - 1255: 3Rs and animal welfare in international fieldwork: Experiences from tagging geese on Norwegian tundra and Mongolian Steppe. Adriaan de Jong, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (pdf)
1255 - 1320: In vivo research in Iceland: an insight into the pros and cons in a small community. Katŕin Astradsðottir, ArcticLAS (pdf)

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