Environmental enrichment

Environmental enrichment is an important means of increasing the welfare of animals in research if it is tailored to the species concerned and helps to satisfy their basic needs (the Five Freedoms). More research is needed on how to provide suitable enrichment to a range of species, not least fish, without increasing variability in a study or creating economic or hygienic barriers for its use.
In 2013 Norecopa invited Norwegian fish researchers to collaborate in a project to raise funds for research into environmental enrichment of species being used in laboratory experiments related to the fish farming industry.

On 12 September 2013 Dr. Penny Hawkins of the Research Animals Department, RSPCA, UK, held a webinar, arranged by The Enrichment Record, with the title:

Facts and Demonstrations: Exploring the effects of enrichment on data quality

Norecopa has obtained the permission of the organisers and the speaker to publish these documents from the webinar:
The webinar presentation
Handout with references
The handout contains, among other things, lists of:

  • Literature references on the effects of environmental enrichment on variability and standardisation of animal experiments
  • Books and online resources on environmental enrichment
  • Journals that publish papers on laboratory animal science and welfare
  • Relevant organisations
  • The articles cited in the webinar presentation

Additional resources

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