An inventory of 3Rs Education and Training Courses and Resources was compiled by the EU Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC) and issued on 15 March 2019.
The purpose of the collection of these data, undertaken between June and September 2018, was to provide a snapshot overview of education and training courses and resources on the theory and application of the Three Rs principle (replacement, reduction and refinement of animal use in science) offered at high school, university and professional levels worldwide. The results include training courses and resources where the Three Rs were both explicitly and implicitly covered. The collection of information yielded 569 courses and resources.

Norecopa has integrated the inventory seamlessly into the Norecopa website and search engine. Click here to explore the inventory - please use all the filters in the right margin actively, to optimalise your search results.

The work of integrating the dataset was kindly sponsored by Sanofi.

Norecopa's International Webinar and Meetings Calendar and overview of training courses complement this inventory with current activities.

The EU inventory should be viewed as a snapshot of the status at that time.
The original dataset is available here.

Dura A & Holloway M (2019): Characterising the current provision of education and training courses relevant to the Replacement, Reduction and Refinement (Three Rs) of animals used for scientific purposes

This is one of three EURL ECVAM datasets which have been embedded in the Norecopa website. The other two are:

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