Harmonisation of the Care and Use of Animals in Field Research
21 – 22 May 2008

Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport, Norway

Wednesday 21 May
11:30-12:30    Lunch available (not included unless ordered specially)
12:30-12:45    Welcome.  Finn Berntsen, NINA & Adrian Smith, Norecopa
12:45-13:15    What are the challenges in field research? (Abstract) [Presentation]  Geir Gabrielsen, Norwegian Animal Research Authority
13:15-14:00    Guidelines for field research: what do we have and what is missing? (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Penny Hawkins, RSPCA, UK
14:00-14:45    Refinement of techniques for capture, immobilisation and marking.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Jon Arnemo, Hedmark University College
14:45-15:00    Short break
15:00-15:20    Field research on small rodents. (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Torbjørn Ergon, University of Oslo
15:25-15:45    Field research on wild birds using instrumentation. (Abstract)  Torgeir Nygård, NINA
15:45-16:30    Sustaining wildlife populations in a human dominated world.  What knowledge do we need, and how can we get it?  (Abstract)  [Presentation]   John Linnell, NINA
16:30-17:00    Coffee break
17:00-17:20    Field research: justification and results.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Hans Christian Pedersen, NINA
17:25-17:45    Use of wildlife individuals as tools in management.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Terje Bø, Directorate for Nature Management
17:45-18:15    Field research: the animal welfare view.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Anton Krag, Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance
18:15-18:45    Plenum discussion. Introduction (10 min.) by John Linnell, NINA
19:30    Dinner

Thursday 22 May

08:30-09:15    Summary and discussion of Wednesday’s work.    Coordinator: Adrian Smith, Norecopa
09:15-09:45    Special challenges in field research on marine mammals.  (Abstract)  Kit Kovacs, Norwegian Polar Institute
09:45-10:15    Coffee break
10:15-11:00   Statistical design of field experiments: challenges and solutions.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]   Stig Larsen, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
11:00-11:30   Health monitoring and zoonoses.   (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Bjørnar Ytrehus, National Veterinary Institute
11:30-12:15    Lunch
12:15-12:45    Canadian guidelines for field research.  (Abstract)  [Presentation]  Gilly Griffin, Canadian Council on Animal Care
12:45-13:05    Courses on field research and the three Rs.  (Abstract)   [Presentation]  Julie Lane, Central Science Laboratory, York, UK
13:10-13:35    Reporting animal use in field research in the scientific literature.  (Abstract)   [Presentation]  Finn Berntsen, NINA
13:35-13:50    Short coffee break
13:50-14:15   Field research and laboratory animal science: what can we learn from each other?   (Abstract)  [Presentation]   Adrian Smith, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
14:15-15:00    Groupwork: status of field research and what is missing?    Coordinator: Adrian Smith, Norecopa
15:00-15:30    Have we reached consensus? Presentation of groupwork and the way ahead.    Chair: Cecilie Mejdell, National Veterinary Institute
[16:00-18:00    Satellite meeting (in Norwegian) between field researchers and the Norwegian Animal Research Authority]

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