Guide to the Necropsy of the Mouse

By Vincenzo Covelli

This handbook aims is to be an essential guide on autopsy techniques for people who work with experimental animals and in particular with the mouse.

Type: Web pages. Category: Anatomy (animal), Dissection (animal) & Pathology (animal).

Table of Contents:
Index; Preface
1 Introduction: General; Materials; Description of autopsy cards; Collection and fixation criteria for histological examination
2 External Examination: General condition; Skin and cutaneous adnexae; Natural orifices
3 Internal Examination: Subcutaneous; Superficial and deep lymph nodes; Mammary glands; Skeleton and skeletal musculature
4 Abdominal cavity: Opening and general examination; Spleen; Pancreas; Digestive system; Liver and biliary ducts; Urinary apparatus; Female genital apparatus; Male genital apparatus
5 Thoracic Cavity: Opening and general examination; Thymus; Lungs and heart; Thyroid
6 Cranial Cavity: Opening and general examination; Eye; Harderian gland; Brain.
Preparation of tissues for histopathology

Comes with explanatory text and figures (colour photographs, drawings and tables).

Please see for full information on this website.

Please also see the necropsy section of the PREPARE guidelines for more resources.

Price: Free of charge

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