Behaviour and Physiology of Fish

By Sloman, Katherine; Balshine, Sigal and Wilson, Rod

Behaviour and Physiology of Fish

Traditionally, behaviour and physiology have been considered two separate fields of biology with the majority of available literature focusing on one or the other.   

This volume aims to bring together these disciplines in a comprehensive review of the available literature.   The progression of chapters focuses on different aspects of the life history of a fish, from predator avoidance through to reproduction, each written by scientists currently bridging the gap between behaviour and physiology in their own specialised subdiscipline.   Contents: 1 Cognitive Ability in Fish; 2 Communication; 3 The Physiology of Antipredator Behaviour: What You do With What You've Got; 4 Effects of Parasites on Fish Behaviour: Interactions with Host Physiology; 5 Social Interactions; 6 Circadian Rhythms in Fish; 7 Behavioural Physiology of Fish Migrations: Salmon as a Model Approach; 8 Neuroendocrine Mechanisms of Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Fish; 9 Reproductive Pheromones; 10 Anthropogenic Impacts on Behaviour and Physiology.

Comments & References: First Edition.   Volume 24.   504 pages.   Hardcover.   Suitable for marine scientists, fish researchers, undergraduate students studying fish behaviour, fishery biologists, and physiologists.   Imprint: Academic Press.   May be ordered online from Elsevier.

ISBN: 0-12-350448-1

Price: US$99.95/Euro91.95/£63.00

Year: 2005
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