Guidance on the housing and care of Zebrafish (Danio rerio)

By Barney Reed and Maggy Jennings, Research Animal Department, Science Group, RSPCA

Housing and care of Zebrafish 8275(1)

The use of zebrafish in research has been increasing annually and zebrafish now rank as one of the major species used. Specific husbandry requirements for zebrafish are still far from fully understood and protocols for feeding, grouping and breeding these animals, plus environmental factors such as water parameters and provision of environmental enrichment, can vary from laboratory to laboratory. Investigation into the natural ecology of the zebrafish and its environmental preferences, and systematic efforts to establish optimal standards relating to the housing and care of zebrafish are only recently beginning. There is a clear desire for a better understanding of the behaviours and requirements of these animals and a need to better define the factors that may affect their welfare.

Contents: 1 Introduction; 2 Background information on zebrafish; 3 Supply and transport; 4 Housing and care; 5 Scientific procedures; 6 Training of animal care staff and users; 7 Concluding comments; References.

64 pages. May be read online or downloaded here.

Price: Free of charge

Year: 2010

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
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