Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization

By Kreeger, Terry J. and Arnemo, Jon M.


Handbook of Wildlife Chemical Immobilization is designed for field use and will act as a rapid reference for those faced with the challenge of chemically immobilizing a wild and/or uncooperative animal. This new edition is updated with current advances in chemical immobilization and includes more species than the previous edition.

The handbook contains sections on: Drug Possession and Use; Drugs Used for Animal Capture; Equipment Used for Animal Capture; Animal Capture: Putting It All Together; Animal Medical Treatment; Human Medical Treatment; Drug Dosages; and References. The Drug Dosages section contains recommended immobilizing drugs for more than 475 species of  animals worldwide. The Reference section is the largest compilation in its field in the world with more than 2400 references.

Fifth Edition472 four-colour pages; 111 illustrations. New reinforced, fold-flat flexibound cover. Drug doses for over 500 species. This Handbook covers legalities of drug possession and use; types of drugs used for animal capture; equipment used for animal capture; animal capture procedures and techniques; animal medical treatment; and human emergency medicine. Suitable for veterinarians, researchers, veterinary students and teachers worldwide. Sold by the authors. May be ordered from Terry Kreeger or Jon Arnemo.

Available from Amazon

ISBN-10: 0692118411;  ISBN-13: 978-0692118412

Price: US$50.00

A review of this book has been published in the Journal of Wildlife Management.

See also: Biomedical Protocols for Free-ranging Brown Bears, Wolves, Wolverines and Lynx (2017) by Jon M. Arnemo and Alina L. Evans.

Year: 2018

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
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