Management and Welfare of Farm Animals: The UFAW Farm Handbook

By Edited by Webster, John

Management and Welfare of Farm Animals 8318

This comprehensive and accessible handbook provides clear advice for the humane management of all major farmed species in primary context of large-scale food production. This edition also takes full account of consumer demand (and legal requirements) for alternative farming methods and enhanced welfare standards, whether in conventional agriculture or the smallest of "hobby" farms. New chapters reflect fresh understanding of welfare science, ethics, and the role of society in ensuring the best possible farm conditions. The handbook includes three new groups of animals: game birds, South American camelids; and ostriches. The chapter on horses has been restored. The book has always sought to promote the humane treatment of livestock within the practical business context of modern farming. This handbook is an international recognised introductory textbook to the management and welfare of farm animals. Table of Contents: Contributors; Foreword; Preface; Acronyms and abbreviations; 1 Husbandry and Animal Welfare; 2 Behaviour as an Indicator of Animal Welfare; 3 Dairy Cattle; 4 Beef Cattle and Veal Calves; 5 Sheep; 6 Pigs; 7 Laying Hens; 8 Broiler Chickens; 9 Goats; 10 Red Deer; 11 Horses and Donkeys; 12 Farmed Fish; 13 South American Camelids; 14 Turkeys; 15 Ducks; 16 Game Birds; 17 Ostrich; 18 Assessment, Implementation and Promotion of Farm Animal Welfare; Index.


Comments & References: 5th Edition. 616 pages. Available as a Paperback and as an eBook. The eBook may be purchased here. Suitable for students of agriculture and veterinary science, and for those seeking to promote animal welfare. This book is part of the UFAW/Wiley-Blackwell Animal Welfare Book Series. Published for The Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW). A Wiley-Blackwell Publication.

ISBN: Paperback: 978-1-4051-8174-7; eBook: 978-1-118-27940-3

Price: Paperback: £41.95; EUR 52.50; eBook: £31.99; EUR 37.99

Year: 2011
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