FELASA recommendations

FELASA has issued a large number of guidelines within laboratory animal science.

FELASA has issued a large number of guidelines, recommendations and reports within laboratory animal science.

Topics include:
  • Recommendations of best practices for the health management of ruminants and pigs used for scientific and educational purposes (2020)
  • Zebrafish: housing and husbandry recommendations (2019)
  • Genetic quality assurance and genetic monitoring of laboratory mice and rats (2019)
  • Revised recommendations for health monitoring of non-human primate colonies (2018)
  • Recommendations for the accreditation of education and training courses in LAS (2015)
  • Health monitoring of rodent and rabbit colonies (2014)
  • Refinement of methods for genotyping genetically-modified rodents (2013)
  • Accreditation of health monitoring programmes and testing laboratories (2010)
  • Education and training: category A - Revision (2010)
  • Continued education for persons involved in animal experiments (2010)
  • Veterinary care of laboratory animals (2008)
  • Principles and practice in ethical review across Europe (2007)
  • Production and nomenclature of transgenic rodents (2007)
  • Evaluation of quality systems for animal units (2004)
  • Animal identification (2003)
  • Accreditation of laboratory animal science education and training (2002)
  • Accreditation of LAS education and training (2002)
  • Education and training: category B (2000)
  • Health monitoring of experimental units of calves, sheep and goats (2000)
  • Accreditation of laboratory animal diagnostic laboratories (1999)
  • Education of specialists in LAS: category D (1999)
  • Health monitoring of non-human primate colonies (1999)
  • Health monitoring of cats, dogs and pigs (1998)
  • Sanitary aspects of handling non-human primates during transport (1997)
  • Standardization of enrichment (1997)
  • Education and training: categories A and C (1995)
  • Pain and distress in laboratory rodents and lagomorphs (1994)

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