HARRP (Harmonized Animal Research Reporting Principles) is a set of principles produced by the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS).

ICLAS, the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science, has published its set of principles for better reporting, called HARRP (Harmonized Animal Research Reporting Principles).

The HARRP principles are intended to improve the quality of animal based research, through encouraging complete and accurate reporting of animal based studies.

ICLAS’s intention is not to replace the excellent reporting guidelines already in existence.  Rather, the intention is to improve the quality of animal-based research worldwide by providing a set of principles that can be easily translated into other languages. The HARRP can then be used as a minimum standard achievably globally, and upon which more technical guidance can be built.

The ICLAS working group charged with harmonizing reporting principles used the three main sets of reporting standards available at the start of the exercise as a basis: the Gold Standard Publication Checklist, the ARRIVE guidelines and ILAR’s Guidance on the Description of Animal Research in Scientific Publications.

Literature reference: Harmonized Animal Research Reporting Principles (HARRP), the first step of a unified approach by ICLAS to improve research reporting standards worldwide. Osborne N, Avey MT, Anestidou L, Ritskes-Hoitinga M & Griffin GEMBO reports (2018) 19, e46069.

This page was updated on 20 May 2022

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