Although there are now many commercially available educational and training aids of high quality (see the NORINA database), the need may arise for a product which is not available.

A increasing number of talented educators and trainers have produced their own models and simulators, in particular for use in the training of veterinary students and laboratory animal personnel. This page, which will expand as more educators are identified, aims to present this work.

International Workshop on Homemade Educational and Training Materials
Norecopa arranged an international workshop on this subject in Oslo on 11 April 2018, sponsored by Scand-LAS and Jan F. Andersen A/S, on the campus of the Veterinary School.

0930-1000: Registration and coffee
1000-1015: Introduction (Adrian Smith)
1015-1230: Presentation of homemade materials from:
Dr. Rikke Langebæk, Copenhagen University* (photos from the Training Centre). Presentation: Simulation and Clinical Skills at the University of Copenhagen.
Laura Schüller, Clinic for Animal Reproduction, Department of Veterinary Medicine, Freie Universität, Berlin** (photos from the Training Centre). Presentation: Development of veterinary simulators as an interactive teaching method.
Dr. Sandra Wissing, Clinical Skills Lab, University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover. Presentation: Selfmade Models and Simulators.
Professor Michael Axelsson, Scandinavian Microsurgery Academy, University of Gothenburg. Presentation: Microsurgery training for 3R - 3R in Microsurgery training
1230-1315: Lunch
1315-1335: Dr. Wendy O. Williams, Center for Animal Resources and Education (CARE), Cornell University. Presentation: Translational Training Tools
1335-1530: Workshop. Detailed demonstration of the models and simulators, and hands-on work by the participants.
1530-1600: Discussion, the way forward, and closing remarks

Details of the resources demonstrated at this workshop are now being added to the Norecopa website as individual records.
*Links to the resources from Rikke Langebæk
**Laura Schüller now runs a company that produces veterinary simulators: Vetiqo

Resources can also be found using the Norecopa search engine.

Other resources

Models in use at Copenhagen University
Model of the bovine abdominal wall for training in Caesarian section, produced by the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Berlin
IKEA rats being used to teach basic handling and injection skills (photo: NMBU, Oslo). For more information, please contact Adrian Smith (
This page was updated on 19 February 2024

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