Harmonisation of the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research

Gardermoen 26 - 28 September 2012

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Mental health in animals: a shift towards positive welfare indicators
Randi Moe, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Abstract   Presentation

Experiences with bringing animals into the lab: the pig as an example
Tore Framstad, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Abstract   Presentation

Positive reinforcement training in farm animals

Peter Glerup, Scantox, Denmark
Abstract   Presentation

Practical application of the 3Rs - enrichment or standardisation?

Peter Clausing, AAALAC International
Abstract   Presentation

Challenges in farm animal research: the protectionist’s view

Roman Kolar, German Animal Welfare Federation
Abstract   Presentation

Thursday 27 September 2012

Is EU legislation on animals used for scientific purposes sufficiently geared towards research using farm animal species?
Marcelle Holloway, European Commission, DG Environment
Abstract   Presentation

Update on CCAC guidelines on the use of farm animals in research, teaching and testing

Gilly Griffin, Canadian Council on Animal Care
Abstract   Presentation

The FASS Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching
John McGlone, Texas Tech University, USA
Abstract   Presentation

The 4 E's of farm animal research: Economics, Education, Encouragement and Enforcement

David Main, University of Bristol, UK
Abstract   Presentation

Recognition of pain and treatment in farm animal species

Eddie Clutton, University of Edinburgh, UK
Abstract   Presentation

Health monitoring and the issue of rehoming farm animals

Axel Kornerup Hansen, University of Life Sciences, Copenhagen, Denmark
Abstract   Presentation

Guidelines for housing, handling, bleeding and production techniques

Penny Hawkins, RSPCA, UK
Abstract   Presentation

Application of the 3Rs to challenge tests used in vaccine development
Coenraad Hendriksen, National Vaccine Institute, Netherlands
Abstract   Presentation

Accreditation of farm animal facilities: common issues and solutions

Bart Carter, AAALAC International
Abstract   Presentation

Friday 28 September 2012

Non-invasive methods of welfare assessment in sheep and cattle

Solveig Marie Stubsjøen, Norwegian School of Veterinary Science
Abstract  Presentation

Farmyard research under the radar: are the 3Rs being used?
Torstein Steine, Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Abstract  Presentation

Example guidelines for housing, handling, dosing and sampling in farm animals (a list produced by Dr. Penny Hawkins)

The participants at this meeting have produced a 12-page Consensus Statement, which summarises the common ground between all the stakeholder groups (regulators, academia, industry and animal welfare organisations). The document points out the strengths, challenges and opportunities for further implementation of the 3Rs within research involving agricultural animals. Norecopa will produce a list of specific tasks based upon this consensus statement.

We are very grateful to the sponsors of this meeting:

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