KN-595 E GET apparatus for creation of pseudo-pregnant rats


Conventionally, it has been necessary to create pseudopregnant animals by cohabiting a male and a female with ligated spermatic ducts in order to produce a litter from transplanted fertilised eggs.

The KN-595 E GET (Easy get next Generation by Embryo Transfer) apparatus avoids the need for a male to induce artificial pseudopregnancy. This enables the production of offspring from transplanted fertilised eggs in rats in a simple operation and is expected to reduce the number of animals used and workload.

Before use, proestrus should be confirmed by measuring sexual behaviour such as the lordosis reflex, ear wiggling and impedance values (>5.0 kΩ) in female animals (>8 weeks old). The supplier recommends Wistar-Imamichi rats for this purpose.


Disinfect the tip probe with slightly acidic water or similar. Ethanol and other irritating disinfectants are not suitable.

Restrain the animal gently and insert the probe into the vagina. The tip of the vibrator should be pressed against the cervix.

Turn the power switch ON to start the vibration. The cervix should be stimulated for 30 seconds, and this should be repeated three times with at least 30 seconds rest between stimulations. It is important that the vibrations of the vibrator can be felt in the hand of the person holding the animal.

The method has also been used in mice (see the reference below by Wade et al.).

Item number KN-595


Wake et al. (2023): Successful induction of pseudopregnancy using sonic vibration in mice

Endo et al. (2022): Successful pseudopregnancy of rats by short period artificial stimulation using sonic vibration

Kaneko et al. (2020): Simple induction of pseudopregnancy by artificial stimulation using a sonic vibration in rats

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