Alternatives to Animal Experiments

By Smyth, D.H.

The public demand for medical advances which will alleviate the suffering and premature death caused by disease finds its expression in the provision of large sums of public and private money to finance medical research.   This social pressure for continuing medical advances would appear to imply an acceptance of the methods employed in medical research including the use of experimental animals.   Public esteem for medical research is, however, balanced by a public concern for animal welfare.   There was a growing demand, particularly in the UK, for a stricter control of the use of animals for research and, most recently, that "alternatives" be found for experimental animals.   At the suggestion of the Research Defence Society, the author set out the issues involved in this debate.

The author explains why living animals are used in medical studies and the legislation which controls and sometimes even demands their use.

Table of Contents:

Foreword; Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction; Chapter 2: Living Matter; Chapter 3: Biomedical Research; Chapter 4: Toxicity Testing; Chapter 5: Biologicals; Chapter 6: Safety Evaluation and Consumer Protection; Chapter 7: Alternatives; Chapter 8: Some Questions about Alternatives; Chapter 9: Summing Up; Appendix 1: Abbreviations; Appendix 2: Persons consulted; Appendix 3: Some relevant Acts of Parliament; Appendix 4: Activities in Parliament; Appendix 5: Interested parties; Appendix 6: Biographical note on the author; References; Index of proper names.

218 pages. Hardcover. ISBN: 0-85967-396-0; ISBN 13: 978-0859673969

In association with The Research Defence Society, London, U.K.

A review of the book was published in the Equine Veterinary Journal in 1978.

The book may be available from Amazon.

Year: 1978
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