Caring Hands: Discussions by the Laboratory Animal Refinement & Enrichment Forum (LAREF), Volume II

By Editor Reinhardt, Viktor

Caring Hands 8251(1)

This publication is the Second Volume of discussions that took place on the Animal Welfare Institute's online Laboratory Animal Refinement & Enrichment Forum (LAREF). Incorporated in this publication are nearly 2,000 comments from animal care personnel on a varity of practical ways to improve the living and handling conditions of animals used in research. It has been prepared for those who are responsible for the treatment of animals used in research, as well as for everybody who is genuinely concerned about the welfare of these animals, including animal rights advocates who may not be aware that most animal caretakers and technicians, many veterinarians and some research workers do their very best to refine the traditional, often inadequate housing and inhumane handling practices so that the animals in their care experience less distress. Includes 8 Parts.

Comments & References: Volume II. 291 pages. This publication may be ordered as a printed copy here. This publication may also be downloaded as a free PDF (zipped file, 31MB) file or downloaded as 8 separate Parts. Please see record numbers 8073 and 8365 for Volumes I and III. This book has been reviewed by W. Clarence in Animal Welfare 21(1): 141-142. One free copy to individuals at research facilities.

Price: Printed copy: US$4.00. Downloadable PDF file: Free of charge

Year: 2010
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