Essentials of Laboratory Animal Science: Principles and Practices

By P. Nagarajan, Ramachandra Gudde & Ramesh Srinivasan (Eds.)


This book reviews the anatomy, physiology, genetics and pathology of laboratory animals, as well as the principles and practices of using laboratory animals for biomedical research.

It covers the design of buildings used for laboratory animals, quality control of laboratory animals, and toxicology, and discusses various animal models used for human diseases. It also highlights aspects such as handling and restraint and administration of drugs, as well as breeding and feeding of laboratory animals, and provides guidelines for developing meaningful experiments using laboratory animals. Further, the book discusses various alternatives to animal experiments for drug and chemical testing, including their advantages over the current approaches. Lastly, it examines the potential effect of harmful pathogens on the physiology of laboratory animals and discusses the state of art in in vivo imaging techniques. 806 pages. 26 black and white illustrations, 172 in colour. 32 chapters. More details are available here.

ISBN: Hardcover 978-981-16-0986-2; Softcover 978-981-16-0989-3; eBook 978-981-16-0987-9

Softcover: € 219.99, Hardback: € 219.99, eBook: € 181.89


Year: 2021

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
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