Handbook of Laboratory Animal Science, 4th Edition

By Jann Hau & Stephen J. Shapiro


This is the revised version of a handbook first published in 1994, now presented as one volume instead of the three volumes of the third edition (see volumes 1, 2 and 3), and the two volumes of the second and first editions.

It covers the essential principles and practices of Laboratory Animal Science as well as selected animal models in scientific disciplines where much progress has been made in recent years. Each individual chapter focuses on an important subdiscipline of laboratory animal science, and the chapters can be read and used as stand-alone texts, with only limited necessity to consult other chapters for information.

With new contributors at the forefront of their fields, the book reflects the scientific and technological advances of the past decade. It also responds to advances in our understanding of animal behaviour, emphasising the importance of implementing the three Rs: replacing live animals with alternative methods, reducing the number of animals used, and refining techniques to minimise animal discomfort.

This fourth edition will be useful all over the world as a textbook for laboratory animal science courses for postgraduate and undergraduate students and as a handbook for scientists who work with animals in their research, for university veterinarians, and for other specialists in laboratory animal science.

1012 pages, 145 colour and 95 black and white illustrations.

ISBN: 978-1-138-34180-7 (hardback); 978-0-367-69587-3 (paperback); 978-0-429-43996-4 (eBook)

Hardback: £190; eBook £171 

Year: 2021

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
This page was updated on 29 November 2022

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