Practical Handbook on the 3Rs in the Context of the Directive 2010/63/EU

By Gianni Dal Negro & Silvia Sabbioni (Eds.)

Dal Negro

This book provides updated information on the EU Directive 2010/63/EU, which is the European Union legislation that protects animals being used in research. EU Directive 2010/63/EU is the European Union (EU) legislation 'on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes' and is one of the most stringent ethical and welfare standards worldwide.

The book addresses the need for clear guidance in implementing the 3Rs and offers a useful starting point for readers and scientists who approach the 3Rs for the first-time. It also gives insights into the harmonisation of animal research legislation across countries.

Table of Contents:

1. Ethics and law on human-animal relationship
2. Communication and transparency in research involving animals
3. Anatomy, physiological features, genetics and genetic alterations, breeding and strain differences relevant to the choice of the model-Impact of 3Rs
4. Animal welfare
5. Methods of handling and procedures
6. Animal health management and hygiene 
7. Recognition of pain, distress, and suffering
8. Harm to research animals, severity categories, and humane endpoints
9. Anaesthesia, analgesia, and killing 
10. Replacement 
11. Design of procedures and projects

First Edition. 346 pages. Paperback & eBook. 

ISBN: Paperback: 9780128211809, eBook: 9780128212523

Paperback: €103.60, eBook: €103.60, Paperback + eBook: €148.00

Year: 2021

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
This page was updated on 28 November 2022

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