Recognizing the Intrinsic Value of Animals: Beyond Animal Welfare

By Dol, Marcel; Fentener van Vlissingen, Martje; Kasanmoentalib, Soemini , Visser, T. & Zwart, Thijs Hub

Recognizing the Intrinsic Value (6728)

This volume contains a philosophical review of the ethical evaluation of animals in terms of intrinsic value, as well as a series of efforts to apply this concept to relevant fields of interest (e.g. domestic animals, biotechnology, wild life, research on animals, intensive breeding). Different point of views are represented and different dilemmas are explored.  

Contents: Part I Intrinsic value of animals in public policy of development in the Netherlands: 1 The use of "intrinsic value of animals" in the Netherlands; 2 Intrinsic value and the struggle against anthropocentrism; Part II Intrinsic value of animals: ethical issues: 3 Inherent worth and respect for animal integrity; 4 Intrinsic value and species-specific behaviour; 5 Incompatibility of intrinsic value with genetic manipulation; 6 Bio-ethics and the intrinsic value of animals; Part III Intrinsic value: the philosophical issues: 7 Intrinsic Value or Intrinsic Valuing?; Part IV The application of the concept of intrinsic value: the case of animal research: 8 Intrinsic value of animals used for research; 9 The real role of "intrinsic value" in ethical review committees.

First Edition. 141 pages. This is the Second book in a Series called "Animals in Philosophy and Science". A review of this book is available in Laboratory Animals, January 2000, Volume 34 (1), pages 117-118.

ISBN-10: 9023234693
ISBN-13: 978-9023234692

Year: 1999
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