Routledge Handbook of Animal Welfare

By Eds. Andrew Knight, Clive Phillips & Paula Sparks


This handbook presents a comprehensive exploration of the rapidly growing fields of animal welfare and law.

In recent years there has been increasing attention paid to our complex, multifaceted relationships with other animals, and in particular, the depth and breadth of various societal uses of animals. This has led to a reconsideration of their moral and social status, which has sometimes challenged the interests of those who use animals.

This book explores the biological foundations for the moral consideration of animals, and for evolving conceptualisations of animal welfare. It reviews in detail the welfare concerns associated with numerous forms of animal use. The inclusion of key recent developments such as climate change, pandemics and antimicrobial resistance, ensure this text is among the most current in its field. The ethical implications of the various uses of animals by society are considered, and chapters provide recommendations for reforms of practice, law or policy. The status of animal law internationally, and in major world regions, is reviewed. Finally, the book considers human behavioural change, and strategies for improving stakeholder communication and education.

Table of contents:

PART 1: Animal welfare fundamentals  1. The moral status of animals: biological foundations  2. Animal welfare concepts  3. Animal welfare assessment  PART 2: Animal farming, transportation and killing  4. Contemporary animal farming  5. Farming poultry  6. Farming pigs  7. Farming cattle  8. Farming sheep and goats  9. Farming nondomesticated and semidomesticated terrestrial species  10. Farming fish  11. Transportation  12. Slaughter, Euthanasia, and Depopulation  PART 3: Animal use for other purposes  13. Scientific and educational animal use  14. Animals in entertainment  15. Zoos and aquaria  16. Hunting, fishing and whaling  17. Commercial fisheries  PART 4: Species-specific concerns  18. Canines and felines  19. Equines  20. Non-domesticated terrestrial species  21. Companion fish  22. Marine mammals  PART 5: Recent and emerging issues  23. Climate change, human-wildlife conflict and biodiversity loss  24. Animal welfare and human health  25. Animal disaster management  PART 6: Animal ethics and law  26. Animal ethics  27. Animal law - historical, contemporary and international developments  28. Key animal law in Australia  29. Key animal law in China  30. Key animal law across Europe  31. Key animal law in India  32. Key animal law in South Africa  33. Key animal law in the United States  PART 7: Social change for animals  34. Stakeholder groups and perspectives  35. Animal advocacy and human behavioural change  36. Animal Welfare Education and Communication.

488 pages, 23 B/W illustrations.

ISBN: Hardback: 9781032022062, eBook: 9781003182351

Hardback: £152.00, eBook: £31.20

See also the Routledge Handbook of Religion and Animal Ethics.

Year: 2022
This page was updated on 05 December 2022

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