The Handbook of Experimental Animals: The Laboratory Fish

By Edited by Ostrander, Gary K.

The Laboratory Fish

This book is a comprehensive reference source for anybody working with laboratory fish. High quality illustrations are included throughout the volume. Also includes a colour plate section. Glossary. Appendix of useful addresses.

Table of Contents: Part 1: Introduction (Diversity of fish, Early observations and descriptions, Fish in experimentation); Part 2: Housing, Maintenance and Breeding; Chapter 1: Facilities and Husbandry (Large Fish Models); Chapter 2: Facilities and Husbandry (Small Fish Models); Chapter 3: Diet; Chapter 4: Common Diseases and Treatment; Part 3: Gross Functional Anatomy; Chapter 5: Integumentary System; Chapter 6: Skeletal System; Chapter 7: Muscular System; Chapter 8: Nervous System; Chapter 9: Respiratory System; Chapter 10: Circulatory System; Chapter 11: Digestive System; Chapter 12: Urinary Tract; Chapter 13: Endocrine System; Chapter 14: Immune System; Chapter 15: Sensory Systems; Chapter 16: Reproductive Systems; Part 4: Microscopic Functional Anatomy; Chapter 17: Integumentary System; Chapter 18: Skeletal System; Chapter 19: Fish as an Experimental Model for Studying Muscle Function; Chapter 20: Nervous System; Chapter 21: Respiratory System; Chapter 22: Circulatory System; Chapter 23: Digestive System; Chapter 24: Urinary Tract; Chapter 25: Endocrine System; Chapter 26: Immune System; Chapter 27: Sensory Systems; Chapter 28: Reproductive Systems; Part 5: Procedures; Chapter 29: Stress and Anesthesia; Chapter 30: Collection of Body Fluids; Chapter 31: Routes of Administration for Chemical Agents; Chapter 32: Fish Necropsy; Chapter 33: Surgical Techniques; Chapter 34: Fixation of Fish Tissues; Chapter 35: Autoradiography of Fishes; Part 6: Experimental Models; Chapter 36: Cancer; Chapter 37: Toxicology; Chapter 38: Cell and Tissue Culture. Glossary (Terms defined in the glossary are emboldened in the main text); Index. This book also discusses the zebrafish.

678 pages. 2-colour, user-friendly format. The book is not currently available from the publisher. Available as a Hardcover and for Kindle at Amazon. Published by Academic Press, now part of Elsevier. This book is a Volume in the Handbook of Experimental Animals Series. Please see record numbers 6117 and 7877 for other volumes in the same series. The summaries of the book chapters can be accessed online from Science Direct, and individual chapters can be purchased.

ISBN: 978-0-12-529650-2

Year: 2000

This is one of our favourite textbooks within Laboratory Animal Science.
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