Films and slide shows of laboratory animals

As a contribution to the harmonisation of the care and use of animals in research, Norecopa and the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science have produced a number of video films and slide series illustrating basic procedures (handling, injection techniques and blood sampling) on common laboratory animal species. Links to more resources are available at the bottom of this page.

Please note that some of the animals were sedated before they were filmed. This was done purely to make it easier to demonstrate the various stages of each technique.


Handling and blood sampling
s.c. injection and cardiac puncture


i.v. injection
blood sampling from the saphenous vein


Immobilisation and blood sampling from the saphenous vein
Immobilisation and i.p. injection
Immobilisation and s.c. injection
Oral gavage

Mouse handling tutorial (Kelly Gouveia, John Waters & Jane Hurst, University of Liverpool)
Mouse handling video clips from the NC3Rs
Webinar: Mouse handling made easy - Reducing anxiety in mice and their handlers


Immobilisation and blood sampling


Holding, lifting and immobilisation
Blood sampling from the central ear vein
i.v. injection
s.c. injection
Terminal bleeding (cardiac puncture)


Holding, lifting and immobilisation
s.c. injection
How to wrap up a rat
Blood sampling from the saphenous vein

Dissection films:

  1. Anatomy of the rat and Anatomía de la rata produced by the University of Alcalá, Madrid
  2. Investigation of a Mammal (Rat): dissection film

Guidance on necropsies of laboratory animals in the PREPARE guidelines


General resources

More guidance on blood sampling

The Blood Sampling Microsite produced by the National Centre for the 3Rs (NC3Rs), UK contains many resources and literature references.

Novo Nordisk have produced videos showing methods of housing mice, rats, guinea pigs, rabbits, dogs (indoors and outdoors) and pigs (indoors and outdoors).

Guidelines for a range of procedures can be found in the 3R Guide database by using the search engine.

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