Animal research and the law

The legal framework for the use of animals in research in Norway changed dramatically in 2015 as a result of a new EU Directive.

In this section we describe

Specific legislation on fish research can be accessed here

Information about Norway's National Committee for the Protection of Animals used for Scientific Purposes

We have also constructed the PREPARE guidelines with links to resources which will be of help from day 1 when animal research and testing is being planned.

When planning animal experiments, it is just as important to consider ethical implications as to adhere to the legislation. A Harm-Benefit Analysis is an important part of this.

Advice on the role of lay members in ethical review committees

Understanding animal experiments and procedures (based upon the UK situation, but largely relevant to other countries as well)

UK Government overview of the British legislation on research and testing using animals, and guidance documents.
Code of practice and working protocol for the UK Animals in Science Committee (ASC). Minutes and members.
The Home Office has published comprehensive guidance on how to apply for project licences, including an annotated project licence application form. The NC3Rs has produced webpages for project licence applicants, with advice on each of the three Rs. The RSPCA has produced guidance for Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Bodies (AWERBs).

Guide to writing Non-Technical Summaries (NTS)
Recommendations to improve the EU non-technical summaries of animal experiments

Checklists to support UK funding bodies, to ensure animal research carried out overseas is conducted to appropriate standards of welfare 

Regulatory Framework and Harmonisation of the Care and Use of Animals in Research: a presentation by Javier Guillén (2018) describing European legislation, including comparisons with North American and Australian legislation

Laboratory Animals: Regulations and Recommendations for the Care and Use of Animals in Research (a textbook edited by Javier Guillén giving a global overview of regulations, guidelines and recommendations for laboratory animal research)

A collection of regulations and resources by country, compiled by AAALAC International

EU regulations on animal research - a commentary by EARA (European Animal Research Association) 

Overviews from Speaking of Research about animal research legislation in the United Statesthe United Kingdom and the European Union.

Further reading

Authorization of Animal Experiments is Based on Confidence Rather than Evidence of Scientific Rigor (Vogt et al., 2016)

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