Cephalopods in research

Both the Norwegian Animal Welfare Act, the Norwegian Regulation on the use of animals in research and the EU's Directive 2010/63 give protection to cephalopods.

This page is being used to collect links to resources concerned with cephalopods (especially octopus, squid and cuttlefish). Resources in the sections on fish and on other aquatic animals may also be useful.

Cephalopod Research (CephRes): a non-profit organisation with the aims of promoting the advancement of biological science and related disciplines, and education and advanced training, to foster the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding cephalopods and marine organisms that share their biota.

Norecopa collaborates with COST Action FA1301:
Network for Improvement of Cephalopod Welfare and Husbandry in Research, Aquaculture and Fisheries (CephsInAction).

3R-resources (guidelines, databases, email lists and journals) that apply to cephalopods may be accessed in the 3R Guide database using the search engine on this website:
Guidance for the care and use of cephalopods.
General literature on cephalopods.

Review of the evidence of sentience in cephalopod molluscs and decapod crustaceans (Birch et al., 2021)

Severity classification of procedures used on fish may be of use when planning research involving cephalopods.
An ethogram has been developed for benthic octopods. Could this be used to develop a system for scoring behaviour when assessing the severity of procedures


Other literature references and links:

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