Do you work with zebrafish in the Nordic countries?
Are you interested in a practical course on the care and use of zebrafish?
Would you like to take part in a Nordic Zebrafish Network?
A Network was founded in Stockholm on 17 November 2023. Please see the events at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm from 13-17 November 2023.

Zebrafish (Danio rerio) are being used in increasing numbers within molecular biology, developmental biology, neurobiology, genetics, cancer research and drug discovery, due to the low costs of maintaining them, their short generation interval, the transparency of the embryos and the ability to manipulate the genome.
A revision of the requirements for housing and humane killing of zebrafish (Annexes III & IV of the EU Directive) was published in October 2023.

General references

Housing and welfare

Environmental enrichment

Health monitoring

Anaesthesia and analgesia
See also the more general section on anaesthesia and analgesia of fish
General principles of anaesthesia and analgesia


Other literature and media articles

Organisations and resource collections


Please see Norecopa's International Meetings Calendar and list of past meetings (where there still may be information on the meeting websites).

Zebrafish facilities

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