This page was originally designed to suggest resources which might have been suitable for schoolchildren and undergraduate students undertaking home learning in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Emphasis has been placed on products which are available online, thereby avoiding the need for purchase of equipment.

Neither Norecopa nor its staff have financial interests in any of the resources mentioned here or on other pages on the Norecopa website. This list is purely to give teachers and pupils a potential starting-point for some of the many resources available (see Norecopa's NORINA database). Norecopa does not take any responsibility for errors on its website, which is made available purely as a service to the global community. We have not studied all the resources in detail and we do not supply any of these resources ourselves. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement of their quality or accuracy, for which we accept no responsibility. Users are encouraged to check with the suppliers that the prices of products listed on the Norecopa website are up-to-date.
Please report any inaccuracies to We welcome suggestions for additional resources, including other subject areas to be covered.

1. Schoolchildren


Rat Dissection for iPads and iPhones
Frog Dissection
Cell and Cell Structure for iPads and iPhones

Computer programs

3D Bird Anatomy
3D Bovine Anatomy
3D Cat Anatomy
3D Dog Anatomy
3D Fish Anatomy

3D Frog Anatomy
Virtual Frog (V-Frog)
The Digital Frog 2.5
Frog Dissection
3D Frog Skeleton

3D Horse Anatomy
3D Human Anatomy
3D Pig Anatomy
3D Rat Anatomy
Sheep heart dissection
The Glass Dog (Thorax and Abdomen)
The Human Body (includes an interactive simulation)

Video films

Investigation of a Mammal (Rat)
Rat Dissection (female)

Other links

Online human anatomy demonstration from Innerbody Research
eMind programs and tutorials for tablets (Animalcules, Cat, Fish, Fly, Frog, Invertebrate, Pig)
3D Scienstructable paper dissection models

Anatomy worksheets for the frog, rat, pig and human from the Animals in Science Policy Institute (AiSPI)
Animalearn and The Science Bank loan program
List of online dissection resources from The Science Bank
Merge Cube (3D visualisation)

Other subjects
The Laboratory Rat: A Natural History
Resources for primary, secondary & post 16, and higher education from the ASAB (Association for the Study of Behaviour)
Biology resources from STEM learning, UK
Resources from the Association for Science Education (ASE)
Teachers resources for sessions about animal research
Resources about the use of animals in research (from the Danish 3R-Center)

Information for schoolchildren writing essays on animal research
Ethics and the use of laboratory animals
Links to resources about animal welfare

2. Undergraduate students

Pharmacology and physiology resources

Lt online learning platform from AD Instruments (life sciences, nursing and medicine)
Sheffield BioScience programs: a collection of interactive programs within pharmacology and physiology (special licensing conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic, allowing installation on home computers)
Virtual Physiology: a collection of simulation software within pharmacology and physiology
A list of e-BioPracticals, open access data repositories and suggestions for final year/honours/capstone projects that can be delivered remotely for use in the biosciences (compiled by Dave Lewis, University of Leeds)

Online resources within pharmacology from the NORINA database
Online resources within physiology from the NORINA database

Webinars and online meetings within Laboratory Animal Science
Tips for teaching online
Lectu-re-motely: a website for Higher Education lecturers and institutions to share resources for remote teaching

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