As part of ongoing efforts to reduce waste and increase the reproducibility of animal research and testing, a group of experts led by the Secretary of Norecopa has produced a set of guidelines for planning animal experiments:

PREPARE (Planning Research involving Experimental Procedures on Animals: Recommendations for Excellence)

The PREPARE guidelines complement the ARRIVE guidelines and other guidance for reporting animal experiments. PREPARE focuses on a large number of factors which, although they are seldom reported in scientific papers, can dramatically influence the validity and outcome of studies on animals, as well as the health and safety of all those concerned. They cover all stages of quality assurance, from the management of an animal facility or population to the individual procedures which form part of a study. The guidelines are based upon the experience of the authors in running animal facilities, collaborating with researchers (including those working with farm animals, fish and wildlife), serving on advisory and regulatory committees, and planning their own animal studies.

PREPARE contains a large number of links to other guidelines and resources that are of use when planning studies which may involve the use of animals.

The guidelines will soon be made available here on this webpage. Links to new resources will be added as they are developed.
PREPARE will be a living and dynamic set of guidelines which follow developments in the field of research animal science and 3R-alternatives.

The PREPARE guidelines have been submitted to a peer-reviewed journal for publication as Open Access. The lead author is Professor Adrian Smith, Norecopa.

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