7-Education and training

Evaluation of the competence of available staff and the need for any further education and training prior to the study is an important part of planning animal experiments, and forms part of the evaluation of an animal facility.

General principles
For fish researchers

There is much guidance available in a separate section of this website.

In particular, the EU Commission has produced extensive guidance on Education and Training, endorsed by the Member States. This guidance covers:

  • a modular training structure based on Learning Outcomes
  • principles and criteria for supervision
  • competence assessment
  • continued professional development
  • mutual approval and accreditation of courses

Efforts are being made to write course modules which correspond to the learning outcomes mentioned above. An example of this is the work being undertaken at Newcastle University, on the Research Animal Training (RAT) website.

The ETPLAS platform has been established as a forum for the exchange of information on this subject.

Course providers are listed here.

The NORINA database contains information on approx. 3,000 resources which may be used as alternatives or supplements to the use of animals in education and training. Links to other resources are available here, including films and slide shows.

Norwegian legislation is discussed on a separate page.

UK education:
See the Institute of Animal Technologists.
Under A(SP)A’86 and EU directive 2010/63, those conducting regulated procedures on protected stages will require a personal licence, training in competency of a specific technique must be established and assessed before sign-off on any training record.

This page was updated on 06 July 2023

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