Norecopa's Annual Meetings

Norecopa's 16th Annual Meeting, 12 June 2023

Norecopa's annual meeting in 2023 will be held on 12 June. It will be a physical meeting in Bergen, with streaming of the presentations.
Most, but not all, of the content will be in Norwegian: click here for the full programme.
A poster with the programme and information about registration can be downloaded here. The Norwegian-language documents for the annual meeting can be read here.


Norecopa's 15th Annual Meeting, 1 June 2022

This was a virtual event, held in Norwegian, followed by the award of Norecopa's 3R-prize.
Voting cards for members who could not participate
Agenda with the Election Committee's proposal for new Board members
Norecopa's Action Plan for 2021-2025
Accounts for 2021 and the Board's budget proposal for 2022 
The Board's Annual Report for 2021 (Norwegian and English versions)

Minutes from the meeting (in Norwegian)

Norecopa's 14th Annual Meeting, 8 June 2021

Norecopa's Annual Meeting in 2021 was a virtual event, held in Norwegian (more information here), followed by the award of Norecopa's 3R Prize.
A voting card was available for members who could not participate on the day.

Agenda (in Norwegian)
Accounts for 2020 and budget proposal for 2021 
Annual Report for 2020
Activity Plan for 2021-25 (proposal - approved version)

Minutes from the meeting (in Norwegian)

Norecopa's 13th Annual Meeting, June 2020

Due to the Corona pandemic, Norecopa's Annual Meeting in 2020 was cancelled. It was replaced by electronic voting. Norecopa's members received all relevant papers on 13 May, with a voting card which was to be returned by 12 June and counted on 15 June:
Agenda (in Norwegian)
Annual Report for 2019

Norecopa's 12th Annual Meeting and scientific seminar was held on Tuesday 4 June 2019 at Adamstua, Oslo.

1000 - 1100: Annual Meeting (Agenda, in Norwegian) (Annual Report for 2018) (protocol, in Norwegian)
1100 - 1110: Tea/coffee in the lobby 
1110 - 1120: Norecopa's 3R-prize award
1120 - 1200: Mouse handling made easy – Reducing anxiety in mice and their handlersProfessor Jane Hurst, University of Liverpool
1200 - 1240: Aviation and animal research - Can we learn from one another? Human factors, a pilot’s perspective. First Officer Jake Hannabuss, TUI
1240 - 1310: Buffet lunch in the lobby
1310 - 1400: Sleep and Circadian Rhythms: why should we care? Dr. Henna-Kaisa Wigren, University of Helsinki

Much of Norecopa's information about the annual meetings, including the minutes, is only available on the Norwegian version of this page.

Norecopa was founded on 10 October 2007 and has arranged annual meetings since June 2008, with many English-speaking guest speakers. Their presentations are available below as pdf files, together with presentations from Norecopa's 10th Anniversary celebrations:

Hvordan sikrer vi oss gode søknader om fiskeforsøk? (How do we ensure good applications for experiments on fish?)  (More information in Norwegian).
(Gunvor Knudsen, Norwegian Food Safety Authority)

Animal-free testing and humans-on-a-chip: How far have we come? (Leopold Koenig, TissUse GMBH, Berlin)

Nordic 3R-Centres: What can we offer? (Tom Bengtsen, Denmark's 3R-Center)

Wildlife research: Exploring ethical tensions between conservation, animal welfare and One Health (John Linnell, NINA)

Prize-winning 3R activity in Norway (Gøril Eide Flaten, University of Tromsø)

Have the 3Rs made any difference? (Elliot Lilley, RSPCA) 

The PREPARE guidelines for planning animal research and testing by Adrian Smith, Norecopa

Assessing welfare: how, why and when? by Dr. Elliot Lilley, RSPCA Science Group, UK

How to assess welfare in genetically altered animals? by Anne Zintzsch, Animal Welfare Officer, Max-Delbruck-Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin

A brief history of the fish embryo toxicity (FET) test by Dr. Adam Lillicrap, NIVA

Putting tags and transmitters in birds: are our guidelines flights of fantasy? by Professor Rory Wilson, Swansea University

How to construct a proper literature search when planning an experiment by Information Specialist Alice Tillema, Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Detection and alleviation of pain in fish by Dr. Lynne Sneddon, Liverpool University, UK

Pain management after surgery: are we good enough? by Professor Eddie Clutton, Edinburgh University, UK

Humans on a microchip: how far have we come? by Dr. Reyk Horland, Technische Universität, Berlin

Fish and fish robots: how can they help to understand each other? by Professor Maarja Kruusmaa, Tallinn University of Technology

Technology and 3Rs in wildlife research: state of the art by Dr. John Linnell, Norwegian Institute of Nature Research (NINA)

Which animals feel pain? by Janicke Nordgreen, Norwegian University of Life Sciences

Can we be sure the animal is anaesthetised? by Professor Eddie Clutton, University of Edinburgh

Are our methods of killing animals humane? by Dr. Huw Golledge, University of Newcastle

Beastly Bliss: Animal Pleasure and its Significance by Dr. Jonathan Balcombe, Humane Society University, Washington D.C.

Animal testing in toxicology: does it work? by Professor Thomas Hartung, CAAT (Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing)

Opportunities for replacing animals in toxicity testing by Professor Thomas Hartung, CAAT (Center for Alternatives to Animal Testing)

Advice on how to run a Centre for the 3Rs by Mark Prescott, NC3Rs

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