Norecopa's newsletters

Norecopa sends electronic newsletters to over 800 international subscribers 7-8 times a year. These were written in Norwegian until no. 2-2017, and in English from then on (see below). Norecopa began issuing these newsletters in August 2008.

Please use the white field at the bottom right of this page if you would like to subscribe to the newsletters. If you have any questions, you can contact us on

Norecopa also maintains a newsfeed with English and Scandinavian language news about the use of laboratory animals and alternatives in Europe, a list of alerting services at relevant journals and organisations, and an international Webinars & Meetings Calendar.

Many of the links in Norecopa's newsletter (in particular, links to media articles) will die out as time goes by. Please contact Norecopa if you need more information.

Newsletters in English: (older ones in Norwegian available here)

3-2017 (12 June)
4-2017 (19 July)
5-2017 (9 October)
6-2017 (22 November)
7-2017 (19 December)

1-2018 (1 February)
2-2018 (19 March)
3-2018 (11 May)
4-2018 (16 July)
5-2018 (5 October)
6-2018 (23 November)
7-2018 (14 December)

1-2019 (31 January)
2-2019 (29 March)
3-2019 (25 May)
4-2019 (10 July)
5-2019 (11 September)
6-2019 (25 November)
7-2019 (19 December)

1-2020 (5 February)
2-2020 (19 March)
3-2020 (27 April)
4-2020 (17 June)
5-2020 (21 August)
6-2020 (1 October)
7-2020 (18 November)

Newsletters and alerting services from other 3R centres and institutions

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