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Most of the presentations on this page are from events arranged by Norecopa. A few of them are from external events where Norecopa's staff have lectured, but links to many more of these are available in the Annual Reports from Norecopa. 
They are grouped into


Title Speaker Affiliation Year
General presentations      

PREPARE for Better Science: A practical guide to available resources

Adrian Smith Norecopa 2024

A Practical Guide to Planning, Conducting and Reporting Animal Studies

Adrian Smith Norecopa 2024

Achieving a good culture of care

Barney Reed RSPCA 2024

Working together to prevent 'severe suffering'

Barney Reed RSPCA 2024

Diversity matters: the risks of standardisation

Natasha Karp Astrazeneca 2024

Are 3R Centres making a difference? (pdf) (video recording)

Elliot Lilley NC3Rs 2024

PREPARE for Better Science: the PREPARE and ARRIVE guidelines

Adrian Smith Norecopa 2023

Hvordan ivaretas behovet for etisk vurdering i søknader om forsøksdyr i Norge?

Gunvor Knudsen Mattilsynet 2021

Design of animal studies: Increasing reproducibility and animal welfare

Adrian Smith Norecopa 2020
PREPARE before you ARRIVE: Good reporting relies on good planning Adrian Smith Norecopa 2019
How to improve scientific validity and animal welfare: guidelines for animal research Adrian Smith Norecopa 2019
Working to advance harmonisation and dissemination of best practice in animal research and testing Adrian Smith Norecopa 2019
Experiences with building 3R databases and international networks Adrian Smith Norecopa 2019
Ethics, animal welfare and the 3Rs: An effective Culture of Care Adrian Smith Norecopa 2018
Animal-free testing and humans-on-a-chip: How far have we come? Leopold Koenig TissUse GMBH, Berlin, Germany 2017
Nordic 3R-Centres: What can we offer? Tom Bengtsen Denmark's 3R-Center 2017
Prize-winning 3R activity in Norway Gøril Eide University of Tromsø, Norway 2017
Have the 3Rs made any difference? Elliot Lilley RSPCA, UK 2017
Assessing welfare: how, why and when? Elliot Lilley RSPCA, UK 2017
How to assess welfare in genetically altered animals? Anne Zintzsch MDC, Berlin, Germany 2017
A brief history of the fish embryo toxicity (FET) test Adam Lilicrap NIVA, Norway 2017
Enrichment: concept and comparative aspects Cecilie Mejdell Norwegian Veterinary Institute 2017
How to construct a proper literature search when planning an experiment Alice Tillema Radboud University, The Netherlands 2016
Pain management after surgery: are we good enough? Eddie Clutton University of Edinburgh, UK 2015
Humans on a microchip: how far have we come? Reyk Horland Technische Universität, Berlin, Germany 2014
Which animals feel pain? Jannicke Nordgreen Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2013
Can we be sure the animal is anaesthetised? Eddie Clutton University of Edinburgh, UK 2013
Are our methods of killing animals humane? Huw Golledge University of Newcastle, UK 2013
Beastly Bliss: Animal Pleasure and its Significance Jonathan Balcombe Humane Society University, USA 2012
Animal testing in toxicology: does it work? Thomas Hartung CAAT, USA 2011

Opportunities for replacing animals in toxicity testing

Thomas Hartung CAAT, USA 2011

Advice on how to run a Centre for the 3Rs

Mark Prescott NC3Rs, UK 2008
Care and Use of Animals in Field Research      

Etiske problemstillinger ved forskning på ville dyr: Forsøk eller forvaltning?

Jon Arnemo Høgskolen i Innlandet 2021

Research and management of wild animals: Politics, ethics and the 3Rs

Adrian Smith Norecopa 2019

Regulating the scientific use of animals taken from the wild

Kim Willoughby Home Office, UK 2017

Marine mammals: challenges and regulations

Lars Folkow University of Tromsø, Norway 2017

Challenges for the Authority

Heidi Bugge Norwegian Food Safety Authority 2017
Capture and marking of large carnivores for management purposes Veronica Sahlén Norwegian Environment Agency 2017
Wildlife health status in Norway Carlos das Neves Norwegian Veterinary Institute and University of Tromsø 2017
Status and challenges with immobilization techniques and equipment Jon Arnemo Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences 2017
Efforts to reduce poor reproducibility/translatability: the PREPARE guidelines Adrian Smith Norecopa 2017
Camera trapping wildlife in Scandinavia - challenges and opportunities John Odden Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2017
Wildlife research: Exploring ethical tensions between conservation, animal welfare and One Health John Linnell Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2017
Disease as a confounding problem and the need for surveillance Bjørnar Ytrehus Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2017
Putting tags and transmitters in birds: are our guidelines flights of fantasy? Rory Wilson Swansea University, UK 2017
Technology and 3Rs in wildlife research: state of the art John Linnell Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2014
Courses in field research and the three Rs Julie Lane Central Science Laboratory, UK 2008
Health monitoring and zoonoses Bjørnar Ytrehus Norwegian Veterinary Institute  2008
Statistical design of field experiments: challenges and solutions Stig Larsen Norwegian School of Veterinary Science 2008
Field research: the animal welfare view Anton Krag Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance  2008
Field research: justification and results Hans Christian Pedersen Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2008
Field research on small rodents Torbjørn Ergon Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) 2008
Refinement of techniques for capture, immobilisation and marking Jon Arnemo Hedmark University College, Norway 2008
Guidelines for field research: what do we have and what is missing? Penny Hawkins RSPCA, UK 2008
What are the challenges in Norwegian field research? Geir Wing Gabrielsen Norwegian Polar Institute  2008
Care and Use of Farm Animals in Research      
Mental health in animals: a shift towards positive welfare indicators
Randi Moe Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2012
Experiences with bringing animals into the lab: the pig as an example Tore Framstad Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2012
Positive reinforcement training in farm animals Peter Glerup Scantox, Denmark 2012
Practical application of the 3Rs - enrichment or standardisation? Peter Clausing AAALAC International  2012
Challenges in farm animal research: the protectionist’s view Roman Kolar German Animal Welfare Federation, Neubiberg 2012
Is EU legislation on animals used for scientific purposes sufficiently geared towards research using farm animal species? Marcelle Holloway European Commission, Brussels 2012
Update on CCAC guidelines on the use of farm animals in research, teaching and testing Gilly Griffin CCAC, Canada 2012
The FASS Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching John McGlone Texas Tech University, USA 2012
The 4 E's of farm animal research: Economics, Education, Encouragement and Enforcement David Main University of Bristol, UK 2012
Recognition of pain and treatment in farm animal species Eddie Clutton University of Edinburgh, UK 2012
Health monitoring and the issue of rehoming farm animals Axel Kornerup Hansen Copenhagen University, Denmark  2012
Guidelines for housing, handling, bleeding and production techniques (guidelines) Penny Hawkins RSPCA, UK 2012
Application of the 3Rs to challenge tests used in vaccine development Coenraad Hendriksen National Vaccine Institute, The Netherlands 2012
Accreditation of farm animal facilities: common issues and solutions Bart Carter AAALAC International  2012
Non-invasive methods of welfare assessment in sheep and cattle Solveig Marie Stubsjøen Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2012
Farmyard research under the radar: are the 3Rs being used? Torstein Steine Norwegian University of Life Sciences 2012
Care and Use of Fish in Research      
A new Nordic Zebrafish Network and course series Lars Bräutigam Karolinska Institutet 2024
Etiske problemstillinger ved fisk som forsøksdyr - fra grunnforskning til industriell bruk Ingunn Sommerset Veterinærinstituttet 2021
What can Norecopa do for fish researchers? Adrian Smith Norecopa 2017
European legislation on environmental enrichment and what this means for fish Penny Hawkins RSPCA, UK 2017
Social enrichment and requirements for the tank rearing of Atlantic Salmon Jonatan Nilsson Institute of Marine Research, Norway 2016
Social enrichment for Atlantic salmon Jonaton Nilsson Institute of Marine Research, Norway 2016
Detection and alleviation of pain in fish Lynne Sneddon University of Liverpool, UK 2015
Fish and fish robots: how can they help to understand each other? Marja Kruusmaa Tallinn University of Technology 2014
Experiences from the inspection of fish research facilities in the UK Kathy Ryder Home Office Inspectorate, UK 2009
Research needs within fish welfare - presentation of a report on the status in Norway Trond Brattelid NIFES, Norway 2009
Do we have practical positive and negative welfare indicators for fish that we can use in a research/farm setting? John Avizienius RSPCA, UK 2009
Health monitoring of fish used in research - progress? Anne Ramstad VESO Vikan, Norway 2009
Husbandry and environmental enrichment - what do fish need and has there been much progress? Gareth Readman AstraZeneca, UK 2009
Telemetry in fish - update Øyvind Aas-Hansen Nofima Marin, Norway 2009
Challenges in fish research: the protectionist's view Anton Krag Norwegian Animal Protection Alliance 2009
Update on the EU directive and the CoE convention Bente Bergersen Norwegian Food Safety Authority 2009
Global update on guidelines for fish research Gilly Griffin CCAC, Canada 2009
Vaccine testing: can we reduce fish numbers and/or avoid fish use? Kjetil Fyrand PHARMAQ AS, Norway 2009
Guidelines for anaesthesia and analgesia of fish (guidelines) Gidona Goodman Edinburgh University, UK 2009
Proposed revisions to methods of killing fish used in research in the UK Robert Hubrecht UFAW, UK 2009
The challenges of using humane endpoints in fish research Kathy Ryder Home Office Inspectorate, UK 2009
An overview of existing guidelines for handling, bleeding and administration techniques  (Guidelines) Penny Hawkins RSPCA, UK 2009
The challenge of arranging accredited courses for fish researchers and technicians Aurora Brønstad University of Bergen, Norway  2009
Field work and lab studies: two sets of standards? Grete Bæverfjord Nofima Marin, Norway 2009


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